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I am trying to find what someone typed into Firefox on a particular site?

Asked by VisionaryAdvait (167points) July 7th, 2009

I am trying to find some information on what someone was on on my computer on a particular site, and what information they typed in. They probably used a username and something else. The computer is not used often so I do nor think the cache was cleared in the past month it was entered. This has to be stored somewhere on my computer?

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I am not trying to get a password. Only information that would have been visible when typed in.

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You would need a keystroke logger to capture what they are typing. I’m not sure of the legality of using one without them knowing. If it’s a personal friend or family member, it’s really just sneaky on your part. If you do it in a place of business without warning the person of the possibility first, there could be some legal issues there.

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I word-for-word agree with squilky. A key logger logs all keystrokes that are typed during a session and can usually be run off a USB.
I hope that it’s not for a malicious reason, so good luck!
Also, you could try asking your friend if the situation permits.

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