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Know your own mobile or cellphone number?

Asked by prasad (3859points) July 8th, 2009

In how many ways, can you know your own mobile or cellphone number?
I know, call a friend from your phone and note your number from his/her mobile phone.
I don’t know if I can get my own cellphone number on my cellphone? Is it possible?
What other ideas do you have?

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don’t have one anymore, but when I did, I knew my own #

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I suppose it depends on your phone – at least min doesn’t support it, I had to add it manually to my address book. What’s wrong with calling a friend?

Also, the number is often on the packaging of the phone/SIM card.

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I know my cell but not my house.

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I know both my house number and mobile number, but that’s because they’re relatively easy to remember.

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I used to know my mobile number , till it got changed :( .
I know my partners number , she doesn’t know any mobile number from heart .
Most phones have the number stored in phonebook under business card ( or they have that option) , some phones have a button at the side that when pushed brings up the information . And you could go to settings>phone settings>information.
I remember when mobile providers gave you the option to have free cards made up, with your name and number on .
You could break the number into bite size pieces , and memorize them in that order

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is it not on your monthly statements?

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If you want to find out your own number, dialing another phone is not always an option. For instance, when your number is hidden.

If you send a text message to another phone, though, it should always contain the sending phone number.

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Mine pops up on my iPhone. Plus, I’m in my contacts.

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I keep mine and my husband’s written down. Middle age is a terrible thing.

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My phone has an option to display the number under the tools menu.
But I also memorized it.

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Send yourself a text.

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Uh, yes I know my own phone number. I use it for everything, and have to give people my number on forms. I also know all immediate family phone numbers(husband, mom, dad, brother) cell phones and home numbers. I didn’t realize it was so hard to remember a phone number.
Now, bank account number? I can’t remember ours for the life of me. But I know all our SSN’s.

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I know my own number because I give it out to people that need to get ahold of me 24/7.

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This sounds too much like questions I used to get (doing tech support) from people who had just stolen a device. I sure don’t mean to offend you if that isn’t the case, but I’m not sure how this question makes sense in any other context.

As noted, your number will be on your phone bill, and likely within a “settings/info” menu on the phone. Otherwise, just call your phone company and ask. (And/or put yourself in your contacts for future reference.)

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I actually keep a card in my wallet. I NEVER remember!!!

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I know my cell number and if I ever forgot it all I would have to do is dial someone I know and ask them what number comes up, or wait until the monthly bill comes (or look at last month’s).

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@Vincentt That’s the easiest way, isn’t it?
I remember it, because there always seems to be some place I have to use it… (Ordering tickets, new friends, work + + +)
Besides: How hard is it to remember 8 numbers in a row?

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@Milladyret 8 digits woooot i have to remember 11 digits for peoples mobiles , thank god for phonebook .

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I remember my phone number, and oddly enough, I remember other people’s numbers too. I’ve had friends who have lost their phones and are totally lost without their contact list, they can’t even call their own mother.

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My cell phone number is just one digit different than that @sccrowell whose number is impossible to forget inasmuch as it appears on the caller id of all my phones regularly and frequently (which is a good thing). See ya…

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Wait… I reading this right? You want to know if we know our own phone numbers? And some of you don’t??? Uh…how the hell can you NOT??? This just absolutely amazes me!!! shaking my head with my eyes crossed…

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@jbfletcherfan I agree. I never understood not knowing your own phone number. I worked at AT&T for quite some time and people would come in all the time wanting me to look up their account and they would not know their phone number and then get angry with me because it took me forever to find their account using a name search. With the exception of elderly people, I just don’t see how one couldn’t remember their own number. But, that’s just me.

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@Milladyret Ha, well, I was kind of wondering how you were going to text yourself if you didn’t have your own number :P

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@essieness Just today I took my computer in for repair. (got struck lastnight with lightening :-(

Now what kind of a fool do you think I’d have looked like if I hadn’t been able to give him my cell number!? “Duuuuhhhh, I dunno.” – ??!!

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Well… Uummmm… I really didn’t think of that…

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But still: 11 digits aren’t that much either. That’s the length of my bank-account, my social security-number, and 2 digits shorter that my internet acces code. Not very difficult, you just have to use them every once in a while…

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Thanks all!

I do remember my phone number and many other. I was just curious to know if it is possible or if there’s any feature that I haven’t noticed.
I can get from the pack and other receipts and alike when I bought it. Mine is lifetime prepaid, so I don’t get monthly phone bills.

This is my second mobile phone. My first one was stolen when I was in middle of writing exams; I got to know it after exam (paper) finished. I was wondering how the thief would get the mobile number.

It seems there isn’t any such a feature in ordinary mobile phone. Would you like if this one is added to your mobile phone? If so, would you contact your phone provider so that they can come out with something in their future models?

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@prasad – What feature exactly are you talking about? It seems to me that there are multiple ways to figure out what your mobile number is if you don’t know it.

In any case, if one of our phones is stolen we call the company and put a hold on the number until it either turns up or we get a replacement phone and new sim card. Once the new card is activated the old one is deactivated, so the stolen phone never works unless the person has an account at the same company and puts their own sim card in the phone. In that case, the phone no longer responds to our number but only to the thief’s number.

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@Darwin About the stolen phone, I went to my sim provider. They told me as my account is prepaid it can’t be blocked. Had it been a post paid account, then it would have been possible.

Yeah, it is not very necessary to have a feature to display your own number, but it would be nice to have it.

I have one more doubt. When we insert sim card into mobile phone, it displays the sim provider and some other details, so it communicates with sim in some way. So, I think it would be easier for them to add this functionality.

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Later, I got to know of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). You can get to know your IMEI by pressing **#06#* , it will be displayed.
Inform this number to your mobile company if ever your phone gets stolen. The phone is then blocked. And if the thief uses the phone with his sim, it can be tracked.

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I have blocked a prepaid phone as well – you don’t get a refund, but no one can use the phone. Ours was a Go phone from what is now AT&T (previously Cingular). Perhaps you should consider a different provider?

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Mine is Vodafone. Currently, they have best plans and coverage and prices. So it won’t be wise to change it. Perhaps, they have also best services available here in India (AT&T isn’t available). Thanks for your responses!

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i think whats hes asking is if you’ve got another sim card and you dont know the number how can you get the number of that sim card . . . .

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thats my problem also . . i have another sim card but i forgot already the number . . . maybe theres another way to find out the number of that sim card . . tanx . .

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Put the sim card in a phone and call someone else’s cell phone and ask them what number showed up.

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i buy a new sim card, but i lost the simcard number.. it has no more load, so how can i call someone or a friend just to know my number?? is there any way to trace my own number? its a sum cellular simcard….ppppllllllssssss help!!

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