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Which websites do you visit most and how do they affect your life?

Asked by minolta (328points) July 8th, 2009

What are your favorite websites and why?

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Fluther cause well do i have to say why…......?

I check, and too see the new videos .

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fluther, FB, Dallas Morning News, MSN, CNN

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cake wrecks—delicously awful
awkward family photos—sometimes the pix make ya want to squirm
fugly—who doesn’t like to see the awful outfits some celebs wear?
My public library—no explanation needed
craftastrophy—gotta see it to believe it

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Fluther: no explanation needed I just got my Fluther shirt! Whoo!
Reddit: Satiates my need for web surfing in an instant.
Cake Wrecks: so so funny
National Weather Service: forecast verification at its best
Piled Higher and Deeper: webcomics for grad students, what could be better? The comic today is of particular relevance to me and my work.
Natalie Dee: webcomics for everyone.

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I also click Stumble! and see what miss-mash it brings .

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I only go on Fluther, and I have to say it made me a very lazy person
: )

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Besides Fluther and HotMail. I do like to go to YouTube.
I like looking at myself.

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and for ridiculousness like this.

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As far as social networks are concerned I use these:
Just as a way of a) keeping in touch with people, b) killing time and c) relaxing

As far as other websites are concerened I use the following on a daily basis:
BBC News (and a few other sites that I can get news local to me)
Met Office (for weather foorecasts)
Yahoo and Hotmail (for emails)

I use these ones on a more weekly or “as and when” basis:

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Because I’m a game critic, I have to stay in the know. Sites I frequent, in no particular order:

...amongst others that aren’t that frequently visited.

Not work-related:

Facebook (not often)
TextsFromLastNight (God, I love this site)
Yahoo! Mail (obviously)

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@Grisaille I’m wondering why you didn’t include Gamespot in your list of gaming websites. Is there a reason why you don’t check it? quite curious

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I visit Gamespot, just not regularly. Gamespot is halfway between Kotaku and IGN, in my opinion.

Whereas Kotaku is quite low-key, personal and in-depth, IGN is more commercial and mass-produced. I have absolutely nothing against Gamespot (always impressed with their work, of course), Kotaku and IGN already fill both sides of the spectrum, and it doesn’t really serve a purpose going there everyday. Unless they break news or get exclusives day-after-day, of course.

Had they more opinion pieces? Sure. I’d absolutely frequent them.

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And it’s nighty night time for me. G’night.

erichw1504's avatar,, (because I’m obsessed with the weather for some reason),, (makes fun of real news), Fluther,, (cool movie ranking site),, and numerous movie news sites because I’m obsessed with movies. I guess I could name a few of those:,,, I also check my bank account online just about every day as well as my Blockbuster queue. Oh and I can’t forget (fake, hilarious news).

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