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Have i seen the " 456 " before ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 8th, 2009

I am sure Dr Who or even Torchwood, delt with them or a similar being not too long ago. They may not have went under the same name , but they sure as hell look the same , act the same , and even have the same life chamber .

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They were called the Ambassadors of Death in Doctor Who, but 1970 was a while ago.

If you were thinking of a more recent creature who looked similiar, there were shadow creatures called the Vashta Nerada a recent episode called “Silence in the Library” and they took over a couple of people’s bodies inside their space suit. Looked similiar.

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No not the Vashta Nerada , That chamber , that smog , that shape even the vomit bile was done not too long ago . The episode or who it was that had it is not in my memory banks , but i am sure i have seen that chamber and contents some time in the last few years . If i remember correctly the smog was taken out ( by the creatures) so they could be seen and replenished again ,so they could survive i may be wrong but i remember seeing them before somewhere .
maybe it was not Dr Who or Torchwood , maybe the creators of this episode copied someone else

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Hey. Don’t ruin anything for me. Children Of Earth doesn’t run here in the states for another two weeks.

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Ditto @AstroChuck!! Well, sort of – I don’t have BBC America, so for me it comes out whenever I manage to track it down online. I’ll be happy to discuss it as soon as I’ve seen it though! :)

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@fireinthepriory- Of course we could watch it on YouTube anytime we wanted.

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@AstroChuck Very true, and if I couldn’t find it somewhere else I’d do that – but it’s just so SMALL! :)

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Yeah, it is but that’s how I watched both “The Next Doctor” and “Planet of the Dead” originally. Of course since then I’ve seen “The Next Doctor” on BBC America as it’s already been aired. You should know that YouTube is shows the original BBC versions, which is nice. They really edit it over here.
Can’t wait until “Waters of Mars.” this fall.

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Well I’ve never had cable, so I always have to watch it online one way or another! I didn’t know that BBC America edited them – although it makes sense, what with commercials. I can’t wait till “Waters of Mars” either! “Planet of the Dead” was great, I wish they’d kept Christina.

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