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Is it possible that Heaven could turn out to be your Hell?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30946points) July 8th, 2009

However unlikely, let’s just say you lived a good enough life to get into Heaven.

But surprise! Upon approaching the gates of Heaven for eternal entry, St. Peter informs you there is no Sushi menu. There is no chocolate cake allowed, no honey nut cheerios, no guacamole… and no fatty tuna or California rolls!

What to do?

Are you forced into Heaven anyway? If you’re there it’s because you haven’t earned your way into Hell… So Satan doesn’t want you (as he mixes the wasabi).

Is it possible that Heaven could turn out to be your Hell?

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I dunno…as long as He has the margarita machine up & running, I’m good to go, LOL.

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If there’s Taco Bell in heaven, it’s not my heaven.

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If there isn’t good beer and mass number of naked Cyntia Dicker’s running around, it doesn’t sound like much more boring than I would like.

link nsfw

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this is very fitting, from asofterworld:
“And here is your horoscope: Today is a good day to just start over. Be wary of saving too much money, because disaster could strike at any time, and I’m pretty sure heaven is just you sitting there wishing you’d bought an XBOX because it turns out you can take it with you, but there’s nothing to buy in the great beyond.”

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This is a very worldly portrayal of heaven.. if heaven was all about what you want.. I would call it Earth.. not heaven.

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If there was such a place, then it certainly would be possible. You’d have to take it up with the inventors of Christian mythology, or since they are dead then theologians to see if the Christian heaven would be hell for you.

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“However unlikely”
So you already had a conclusion to the question. Smells like a set-up to me.

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Did you see the episode fro twilight zone where the guy was looking forward to hell? Same concept as the question. The only difference between heaven and hell was the attitude of the person there.

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“So Satan doesn’t want you (as he mixes the wasabi)”
I knew that creature was evil but that…that is just appalling.
In answer to the question it would depend upon certain technicalities, how heaven works, how it’s decided who will enter etc. If we are discussing the traditional judeo-christian depiction of heaven (angels with harps, perfect paradise, toasters that get the toast right every time) then it would be possible for someone to be placed there and despise it.

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sometimes when the gods want to punish you, they answer your wishes…....

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no..really I’m sure there is something there can make use of… God isn’t THAT boring!

besides which…doesn’t God know what my Heaven is anyway…and if he is a God; wouldn’t he provide that for me??? no???

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Seeing that every faith has a different list of people who aren’t getting to heaven and every faith has he same base to claim to be correct (None) i’d say we’re all going to SOME hell. I’m off to the christian one, likely, because of my apostasy and LOTS of other reasons. What i do know is that i won’t be alone, heck NOBODY will be alone.

The jehova’s witnesses are in for a surprise when they get to the pearly gates and see an arabic man telling them their faith was wrong and they’re off to Muslim hell (which is a lot like theirs only with muslims singing their songs non stop as a bonus). Not to mention the hindus when they’re cast into Hel because they didn’t die in a valiant battle and thus they’re not allowed into Valhalla. And the christians, boy the christians are gonna be pissed when they see the styx river and suddenly realize they didn’t sacrifice enough bulls to the gods to get to Elysium.

That’s how i see the afterlife, lots of mismatched afterlives for everybody.

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There is a parable (that I believe is jewish in origin, though I am not sure) that makes the same point as you. The story goes as follows:

A great, kind, and gentle man dies, and, as a reward for leading such a great life, he is allowed to see what hell is like before going to heaven. He goes with an angel to hell, and is very surprised at what he sees. Every person is seated at an enormous table filled with the best food that one can imagine, but everyone is skinny and crying. This is because everyone has broomsticks tied to their arms, so they can’t bend their elbows to eat.

After seeing hell, the man goes to heaven. In heaven, the scene is almost exactly the same; there is a giant table with delicious food, people with broomsticks tied to their arms, but everyone in heaven is happy and plump. This is because, in heaven, everyone is kindhearted and feeds their neighbor, so nobody goes hungry. That is the difference between heaven and hell.
at least, according to this parable.

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Heaven was created as a reward. It would never be anything but heavenly. People who have died and seen it don’t want to come back here. It’s possible we began our existence in heaven but I haven’t worked that out yet. lol

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