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How much does the Jonathan Club cost?

Asked by Kingkamandi (149points) July 8th, 2009

The Jonathan Club is an exclusive club in downtown L.A. and Santa Monica. How much does it cost to join? How much are the dues?

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Don’t mean to be snarky, but did you google this?

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No why?
It just reminds me of countless pretentious clubs. Not a fan.
There are some $100,000.00 clubs in NY and it’s just such a sad social statement to me.

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Yes, I googled endlessly.

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I was asking it at the person who asked the question…

Yeah. I agree, though. Only one where I live, and it was a male only club for years. They meet here. Elitists…

Sorry, though. Can’t help you. Don’t live there, nor would I join a club like it. Only thing I may be able to help you with is talking yourself out of joining.

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Hmmm… I googled:
jonathan club membership fee

And got a result at the bottom of the first page. This is a quotation.

“Club membership is by invitation only ($30,000 initiation fee/$400 month)”. Seriously.. Freaking elitists… Grr…

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Oh sorry, for a sec I thought you were the one who posed the question.
That is some amazing piece of Victorian architecture

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Never heard of it, and I use to live in L.A…

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@dverhey I took a look at the picture, and the first thing that came into my head was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland for some reason…

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It has that effect on me sometimes too. There are tons of those around here. It’s kinda sad, actually.

Back to the question, though, I think the best answer so far was Saturated_Brain’s answer above of 30,000$ on initiation and 400$ a month. I have better places to spend my lack of money, myself.

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for that kind of money, I hope it comes with hot & cold running blowjobs and an endless supply of chocolate chip cookies.

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Yes, it is true that the going rate for a new membership is $30,000. However, if you can find a current member who is retiring their membership to transfer theirs to you, you can have the membership for thousands less. I happen to know one if you are interested!

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What pray tell does 30,000 afford one which is of such importance?
I guess the proceeds must go to feed a third world village for a year?

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These postings are hilarious, the person asked a simple question about initiation fees and dues and everyone one goes off on how elitist or how they can spend there money better if they had any etc. Just answer the question people, if you dont know the answer stop complaining about the fact that you aren’t a member or can’t afford it.

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It is 30k and 400 a month. You can join only the Jonathan Town Club and pay less. Or you can try to Join— the California Club or Soho House. All are hard to get into unless you know some members. All cost money. the City Club is less expensive, but also less exclusive. I have friends in all of these and I am a member of one. There are a lot of fun, but not cheap.

If you know people who are members talk to them about membership.

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