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Can someone explain to me the L.A. style with the shiny jeans, white tennis shoes and crisp shirt?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) July 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve noticed this mainly among comedians, and I find it really intriguing. Can you explain the rules, style, brands, and “purpose” or circumstances from which it evolves?

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I live in Los Angeles and don’t think I have seen what you are referring to – will watch thread to be enlightened.

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Hmmm! What comedians? The way you describe it, it sounds more like “cholo chic”. I just coined a new style. Cool!

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i dont think it sounds anything like a CHOLA, it sounds like people who want to stand out.

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or maybe it makes them even more funny

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you say it tiny!!

-kevbo which comedians dress like this? I’ve never heard of this new style.. Maybe I’m just not cool enough.

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Bill Bellamy as host of “Last Comic Standing” comes to mind as well as a few other comics on the show. Or maybe like Ellen Degeneres tends to wear. Tennis shoes aren’t necessarily white on white, but fairly gleaming and pristine.

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I know the style you’re talking about. From what I’ve seen, stand-up comedians have a tendency of wearing sneakers/trainers/tennis shoes – in fact, I’m pretty sure Jerry Seinfeld’s been sporting the jeans-and-white-tennis-shoes style for some time, but I suspect Bill Bellamy would be giving it a slightly more glamourous twist….....which may be seen as a little Miami Vice and makes sense given all the 80’s retro you see these days.

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Maybe its just a casual CA type o’ thang. We wear sneakers/flip-flops with everything. Yay us!

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If jeans and white tennis shoes are in, someone let my dad know. He’s been rockin’ that look from Wal-Mart for the last decade.

Other than that, I haven’t seen anyone here in LA wearing this style.

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I loves me some white sneakers but no shiny pants.

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