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If a Flutherite were to travel around, and if you were in the city/area travelled to, what would you do?

Asked by Saturated_Brain (5235points) July 8th, 2009

This is inspired by the many travel questions asked lately (especially YARNLADY’s pool party question).

If you knew of a Flutherite who was travelling to your city/area of residence, how far would you go in terms of hospitality? Would you tell them the best hotels to stay in and the best things to see/do? Would you even go so far as to free up a place in your house (keeping in mind that they’d probably be living off you for a while) for them to live in and take some time off to bring them around the place?

For the sake of convenience I’m assuming that the wandering Flutherite is doing so on his own (or at most, with a SO).

I realise that there’re many things coming into play, not least the anonymity factor of the internet.

As for me, I’d personally love to do so. Unfortunately I still don’t have a place of my own and probably won’t for a few years. And until then, the only thing I can do is to give you a few tips of what to do in Singapore (and to avoid the obvious tourist traps).

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I would love to provide a place to sleep but I don’t have a place of my own :(
but as recommendations for attractions in my city, there really isn’t any except the fun factory and the new mall

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Depends on who it is. But they can certainly stay with us as long as they don’t mind 2 young kids and plenty of pets.

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No one in their right mind would ever visit my city for pleasure.

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Depends on who it was and how “well” I knew them, I suppose. I think I would offer for them to stay at my place, but I would have to get permission from my parents first haha so I’m not sure. Maybe if we’d conversed over the phone and they’d talked to my parents it might work out, but if not I’d direct them to the best/cheapest places and take them sightseeing myself or with my family if they approved.

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Sure, I’ll give ‘em some tips…as to crashing at my place, well, uhh,,,I think I hear the phone..

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Depends on who it is. Unfortunately, they will be completely out of luck as far as lodging. I live with my parents. But Humboldt County, or Trinidad is a quite nice place to visit. I wouldn’t mind being daily tour guide. They just need their own place. Could go for lunch, too.

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I’d go out to lunch with a Flutherite. Hang out for a while. There are some Flutherites who I’ve gotten to know pretty well who I wouldn’t hesitate to let stay over if I had my own place. And of course I’d share any info about places to stay, things to do, etc. That’s what Flutherites do.

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We could go get coffee.

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I’d ask them out for coffee, to feel them out.

If they feel up to it, we catch a movie or whatever.

If they seem cool, I’d get them a deal a hotel.

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Happy to offer what to do and see…I have a bunch of websites already prepared for when people visit. Lots to do here in the land of Elvis. Also for NY, D.C., SE Florida, Disneyworld, and more.

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Oh, and I’d be more than happy to play tour guide. NYC is chock full o’ deals, places of interest and eats that tourists just don’t know about. I love sharing the knowledge.

Unless you come to meet me in a Hawaiian button down tee, cargo shorts, socks and slippers, visor cap and a camera wrapped around your neck. Then you’re stuck on the tour buses, sorry Charlie.

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@Grisaille Ack… The archetypal tourist image…. Well, how about a simple DSLR camera (and maybe a sling bag)?

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Not sure I can provide shelter, just maybe food. They would probably be stuck with tofu. But I can show you around even though there’s nothing to do here but get burned by the sun, and it also depends who it is

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You know, if I didn’t have a wife and kid, I would have no problem hosting a Flutherite, but it’s really not fair to ask my family to put up with a stranger in the house. Furthermore, I trust just about everyone on Fluther who I think would ask me anyway, but it’s really just not safe to have a houseguest you don’t know…I don’t expect anything would happen, in fact, I’d bet just about anything…“just” about…my family’s safety is pretty much the one thing I wouldn’t bet, and even though we’re talking a trillion to one odds, it’s still a risk, even if it is an infinitesimally small one. In other words, I can risk my own hide, I can’t make this decision for them.

But if someone wanted advice on what to see, what to do, where to stay, I’d be the best possible travel guide anyone could ever ask for. I LOVE where I live, I know it like the back of my hand. I sincerely hope if anyone comes to the Twin Cities, they consult with me, I would love nothing more than to do that.

I would also be more than willing to meet with someone at a favorite restaurant or hangout if there were a time that would work…I think that would be a lot of fun. I would also do my best to save the person money, tell them what the free days were, what the discounts were, what the free things to do were. If my house were clean enough I would even consider, after meeting them first in some public place, having them come by the house for drinks, games, or whatever, I’d probably call some local friends and we’d make a night of it.

And as I said in another thread, the one I’m suspecting which might have inspired @Yarnlady’s pool party post, I’d even consider throwing a party if I could get enough people to come. So if you come to the Cities ever, PM me and I’ll give you my #.

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@Saturated_Brain I ain’t got nothin’ against cameras.

I gots somethin’ against the wardrobe.

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It depends on the Flutherite. I would certainly meet most any loyal Flutherer who is driving through The Cornfield. Stay at my house? I would have to decide that on a case-by-case basis.

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I have a very small house, hardly room for the two of us and the dog, but I would surely show them a couple of nearby places of lodgings, and willingly show them around town. We don’t have a lot of tourist traps here, and other than the casinos, the planetarium, and a couple modest museums, there ain’t a whole lot to do. We could stop by my favorite microbrew pub, should they enjoy wheat beer. But we could easily go to a nice restuarant, have coffee, and I’d be willing to fire up the grill for them and share some of my fine cuts of meat. I might even send them home with a few cuttings of my prized hostas, should they be inclined to enjoy gardening.

I’m pretty easy to get along with in person; it’s just online that I come across as an asshole. :-)

All I ask is they call first, so we can get the house straightened up a bit and I can get some pants on.

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I would put up some tents in our backyard, or near the Illinois River which is 1 mile away and give them some great food. We would visit the ranch that my husband works at (great fishing and atv trails) and maybe visit a comedy club ( we live near the hometowns of Sam Kinison
Richard Pryor

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If a Flutherite was passing through my city, I’d definitely offer them advice about lodging, restaurants, sights to see, and anything else they might be curious about. I’ve been on Fluther for a while now and I’ve met a lot of fine people and although I’m very comfortable interacting with them here, I’d have to carefully weigh my decision about putting them up in my house. Not to say that they wouldn’t be upstanding and cordial guests but it’s just the whole safety and security considerations that go along with making the decision. All of us going out to dinner together would be very entertaining, in my opinion.

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You’re all more than welcome to crash on my couch.

Just bring a six pack with you.

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I have a futon in the basement that would be open to people I recognize. I have met three people from here in person and all of them were sane. A few more have my address and phone number. I have never got a crazy phone call or boiled bunny in the mail.

99.9 percent of us are sane. Oh, astrochuck… Make that 99.8 percent of us are sane. :-)

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I’ve got a big back yard and a nice cozy tent I have used on several occasions (weather permitting) as an extra guest room.

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I don’t like anyone staying in my house, so a hotel recommendation it is. Of course I’d offer suggestions for places to go and things to do as well. Beyond that, I’d do the safe thing and meet somewhere public for a meal or a drink. If my husband were going to be home, I might invite a jelly over for dinner (and probably drinking).

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I am already on couchsurfing hosting total strangers, so I would have no problem with hosting them, and of course I’d show them around, especially if it was one of the people I talk more with. I enjoy meeting new people and do that sort of thing all the time anyway.

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@augustlan – you’d let ME stay though, right? wink

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@dalepetrie For you, I’d consider it.

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Depending on the jelly, I’d:
• give ‘em local tips, places to see, eat and stay


• meet for coffee or lunch

There are a select few jellies I would have over for dinner.

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Come on, is there anyone here who wouldn’t want to have dinner with daloon, AstroChuck and Jeruba???
I’m smiling just thinking about it.

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Depends on which person it is… I would give activity suggestions to anybody, and for those whom I am particularly fond of, I’d like to get together if possible. I can not offer a place to crash because of my living arrangements, and I would only do that with someone I know better than I know anyone on here.

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@Lupin what? All 3 together? Heeeeeelp!

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I wouldn’t allow someone to stay with me, but I’d probably meet them for lunch or coffee.

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@Lupin, Daloon, and Jeruba, sure, in a heartbeat. AC, hmm, I don’t know, the man likes to sniff at the sweaty odor under his watch. Seems a bit screwy to me. And he does work for the Postal Service, might have to pat him down for weapons first.

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Follow them around and ask Fluther questions about what people guess they will do next. ;-)

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I’d probally provide them shelter if my parents let me :P
i’d show them around toall the fun places and give them food and make them happy :)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra , @Jack79 You both bring up good points. I’d have to keep my eye on AC.
I do think the conversations would be enlightening, thought provoking and entertaining at the same time. Wouldn’t it be fun to hold up any random object and listen to their respective and various interpretations?

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If anyone here was travelling around eastern Scotland i’d be more than happy to offer them a place to stay or provide them with directions to the best hotels (should they feel a little squeemish about staying with students). Even if it were simply a visit to the UK in general I have friends and family in various areas who I could ask to offer some assistance.

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@Nially_Bob Ach laddie ‘at is a braw offer. Be cannie. Someain micht visit some day. Cheers ye fur yer ‘ospitality.

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@Lupin I wunnae worry abou’ it lad. S’alwae a pleasure, y’ken ;)

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I’ve met several people from a website I belonged to previous and a few of them have become friends rather than acquaintances. It all started when one person said they were going to be traveling about, they stopped in to meet me then took me along as we crossed states to meet others. Lots of fun.

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probably nothing considering I’d never know who’s a flutherite and who’s not.

oh and that guy behind you is a flutherite too.

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I’d like to meet them, there is a good chance that I was in someones backyard last week. I was in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota last week. I think I’ll be in Illinois for the next two weeks, who knows, after that. I’m always up for a supper and a drink or two.

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@Ron_C – you were in MN and you didn’t tell me? I could have given you tons of recommendations of places to go and see.

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@dalepetrie at Anoka strictly business, Drove up from Illinois the night before, had a three hour meeting and headed back to Pennsylvania. That was actually my first time in Minnesota. That is the end, I have been in all 50 states.

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@Ron_C – too bad you didn’t get to spend more time here. I’ve been to the “lower 48” myself…every single one by car in fact.

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@dalepetrie I’ve been to all the states by car and many states by plane (of course, I didn’t drive to Hawaii and Alaska) I’ve had a couple friends that actually drove to Alaksa and back, one even did it on a motorcycle.

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@Ron_C – My parents have been to Alaska by car, my father more than once. My dad lived there in the 60s, and now that my parents are retired, he wanted to go back and see the old haunts, and they wanted to drive the entire Alaskan highway…that was summer of 2008 I believe. I actually thought it was kind of ridiculous, my parents could have flown for next to nothing if they flew on military flights (my dad’s retired military), and gas was $4 a gallon at the time here, it must have been outrageous in Canada and Alaska. But I guess that was what they wanted to do.

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Hi all, fellow Jelly bluemukaki and myself will hopefully be heading over to the states from our home down under in July this year to make our way around and see some sights as best we can. Even if you couldn’t put us up would anyone be willing to meet up for coffee or lunch or dinner sometime? Our plans are hazy at the moment but if anyone wants to catch up, and we can get there/get accommodation near you, let us know!

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@shrubbery Yesssssss! Pretty sure you won’t be hitting up West Virginia, but maybe DC?

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@shrubbery – if you make it to Minnesota, definitely look me up. I highly recommend the Twin Cities, especially in July. I can recommend hotels, restaurants, bars, concert venues, museums, casinos, shopping, zoos, nature, architecture, you name it we’ve got it and I’ll be thrilled to clue you in.

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@shrubbery: Let me know if/when you’ll hit the mid-atlantic… I live between New York City and Philadelphia, but would consider driving a few hours to D.C. if given enough notice…

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Hide – and change my user-name.

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