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Easiest way to start a conversation with "that" guy?

Asked by J3SSK4 (86points) July 9th, 2009

Im really interesting in this kid I’ve never talked to before. What can i say to change that?

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There’s not much else to say. I mean when I saw him in school I fell in love. My friend lives next door to him and says he’d hook us up but that’s not what I’m into. I wanna start talking to him but i cant just come out without seeming weird or annoying.

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@johnpowell You just reminded me of a joke.

“What’s the hardest part about rollerskating?”

“Telling your parent’s you’re gay.”

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You won’t get anywhere by worrying about what you will say. You want to play is safe, but that doesn’t work. Just say anything. Say hello. Be bold. You’re young and you have nothing to lose. Too few people realize that everyone is shy, and nothing ever happens unless you make it happen.

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Smile and make him think that HE’S the one taking control.

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Ask him if he wants to go get some french fries after school. It sucks, but you will need to put yourself out there for this to really work. And I know it totally sucks. But you can’t just giggle when you walk past him and expect something to happen.

Or go with, “Some of my friends are going to a movie on Friday, I would like it if you came along.”

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I’m a bit old fashioned… flirt surreptitiously until he comes over to you!

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@lynneblundell god did I read that wrong

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@Grisaille What’s the hardest part about rollerskating?”

“Telling your parent’s you’re gay.”

Rollerskaters are gay?

That explains Melanie’s problem

Brand New Key

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Was that a Melanie Safka reference, my good man?

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@Grisaille That’s it.. I’m now convinced that you’re a total perv… A smart perv, but a perv nonetheless…

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@Saturated_Brain…it took you that long?

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@Grisaille I’d always suspected it. But I tried to keep this image of a nice good clean guy in my head. “flirt surreptitiously until he comes over to you” just pushed it over the edge.

Then again, can’t say I’m complaining

(And before I get modded, everyone here is right. You make the first move. Unless he’s a chauvinist and think that females should wait till men take the first step)

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@Grisaille lol… you dark horse! x and stop getting me all worked up… it’s only 2pm! :-p

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“Hi, I’m J3SSK4. What’s up? Want to go get a burger after school?”

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Do the opposite of what you would normally do.

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