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Do you think the song 'american idiot' entitled greenday to cover `working class hero'?

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“working class hero”???
I think the song is just saying that he doesn’t want to be an idiot, and fuck America
Thats a dumb song anyways

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i’m pondering the kudos of `american idiot’

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I didn’t know you had to be of a certain acceptance level before you could cover a song.

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@Grisaille yes, but isn’t `working class hero’ sacred?

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Green Day has been around for a long time and still have a good sound (in my opinion).
I don’t see any problem with an established band paying homage to a legend that came before them. It’s a tribute.

It’s different than a new band who covers an old song in an attempt to ride on the previous artist’s coattails.

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Before his death, Lennon complained that no one covers his songs. Green Day did a passible version that might bring more people to listen to Lennon’s, so I don’t have an issue here.
Lennon’s version is clearly superior, though.

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The proceeds from the sale of Green Day’s cover, as well as the other Lennon covers by other bands, went to support Amnesty International’s Campaign to Save Darfur. Yoko Ono donated the rights to the songs to that cause. I thought they did a good job and liked that they concluded it with Lennon singing the last line. I purchased both the song and video on iTunes, when released a couple years ago.

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Since any shitty bar band can cover whatever the hell song they want, I’d say they were entitled. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

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I don’t think the one thing has anything to do with the other. Obviously, they had permission to cover it, and it was for a worthy cause so why the hell not?

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Call me what you want, but Christina Aguilera’s Mother was amazing, in my opinion.

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