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Never have I seen a bug like this...what was this on my window sill!

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) July 9th, 2009

I have no idea what this is but it didnt move much its but was fire red, sorry the pic isnt the best, I tried but didn’t want to disturb it until I killed it! It had about 8 legs that curved up and down like a daddy long leg, an any body with a scorpian type back that was bright red. 2 looooong antenna and a head that reminded me of a lobster.

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It was about 1.5 inches long and an inch high maybe…
This is the closest thing I could find to it online, but my bug was bigger, skinnier and the back red part was more pronounce and solid looking. When I squished it, it broke in two and the feelers still moved and red stuff was all over!

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where do you live? because that is not a bug. that is an alien creature.

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The picture isn’t very helpful, but it might help to know your geographic location…

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I am in Allentown Pennsylvania
It had about 8 legs that curved up and down like a daddy long leg, an any body with a scorpian type back that was bright red. 2 looooong antenna and a head that reminded me of a lobster.

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it’s mutant whatever it is.

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Well after a little research I am pretty sure I narrowed it down to being a wheel bug nymph, the odd part is that it seems like they are usually found in Georgia and north Carolina, those types of areas….I don’t know how he got in Pennsylvania…but I do know how he got in my garbage lol

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Aw, why’d you kill it? That’s one of the most fascinating bugs I’ve ever seen.

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@DrasticDreamer She probably killed it cause it fires scent sacs from it’s anus. Ewww.

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I think she’s a he.

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@jamielynn2328 – does the name johnny and my boyish good looks not give off that I am a he lol :-P JK

@DrasticDreamer – to be honest there is a small small small amount of regret in it’s death and short stay at my house…normally i don’t treat guests in such a manner but I never invited him. I wish I jarred it as a conversation piece

you know though I feel like i have creepy crawlers all over me now though…time to shower lol

i’m glad it’s dead though, according to wikipedia(rolls eyes) they give a nasty bite

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@DrasticDreamer Sorry, I was not being observant at all, answering off the cuff. Must have been excited about the scent sacs.

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@johnny0313x I know you’re a dude, it’s jamie that said you were a chick. :P

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@drasticdreamer – I know I updated my post sorry heh
@jamielynn – its okay :) If i wasn’t a boy I guess I’d want to be a girl…a sexy one at that so I could wear skimpy clothes and get things for free

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@johnny0313x: I’m incredibly happy you posted this question. I installed all new windows in my house and found about 5 of these things and figured they travelled from down south in the windows cardboard boxes. btw I live in Hershey, PA, very close to you. Thanks for answering this question for me.

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I am glad I am not alone in this lol. Creepy aren’t they?

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Holy hell those are in PA?! I might have to move.

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Eek! I’m glad you found your answer, and glad I’ve never found one of those creatures in my house. :)

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Ah, yes, the wheel bug nymph .Creepy, but apparently preys on other insects. That’s why I always try to practice catch and release. That, and the karma aspect. :-)

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hot damn, that is a really freaky looking bug.

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