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Using my SIM card in another at&t phone?

Asked by StephK (1444points) July 10th, 2009

So my Nokia 6555 just went completely kaput and I’m going to soon be in dire need of another phone. My at&t contract doesn’t run out for another 9 months and I’m pretty sure my phone is not under warranty. here’s a ‘two questions for the price of one’ special for you: How do I find out if my phone is under warranty? And if it isn’t (like I suspect), will I be able to operate under my contract if buy another at&t phone off Amazon and put my SIM card in it (and will I need to unlock said phone?)?

Additionally, please ignore the bad grammar. I’ve been without sleep for a while.

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For what it is worth I washed my iPhone last month and they allowed me to use a go phone ($19.00 at Target) till I replaced it without any change to my contract. They may have a replacement option if your phone is out of warranty that will again not extend your contract but you will have to call them.

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You could probably buy a replacement on Ebay, and use your SIM card. We have taken the SIM card out if our iJphnes and used it in the freebie phone that came with our AT&T contract when we are going places too risky for the iPhone… it works with no problem.

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Thanks for the responses. =) Looks like Ebay it is!

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