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What is the worst date you have ever been on?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) July 10th, 2009

Was it because of your date? A restaurant you ate at? Because of you? What are the horrifying details?

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Worst ever that I can think of off the top of my head…...... Someone broke my cars rear window while I was inside getting her…........And then later that night while making out my dog crapped on the floor.

Gotta love pets.

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@westy81585 dog must have really been into it.

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When I went to the mall a few weeks ago, the douche dumped me cause I stared at someone else

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@Tink1113 lol.

One chick i went out with showed up two hours late to where we were meeting. That was pretty pathetic.

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I went on a double date when I was 16. We ended up going to the house of one of the guys we were with. When my date realized that I wouldn’t do what he wanted, they took us home. The ride home with my friend Michelle and I in the back of a pickup with a topper was like a roller coaster. The driver stopped “suddenly” at every stop light, making sure his passengers in the back were tossed around like popcorn kernels in a microwave. I’ll never forget that night.

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ha, this one girl i was set up with was so shy she couldn’t stand and look directly at me. we were at a wine tasting, and every time i’d turn toward her to give her good eye contact and body language, she’d move a little to the side. i thought it might be my breath, but then i realized she was just painfully shy. i decided to see how long it would take me to turn a 360 and she if she would go all the way around—and she did!

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I don’t have any of my own to share, but this website is great.

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Me and this girl were talking for a while. I was really into her, and thought we were a great match. After a week or so, I asked her out on a real date (everything up to that point was a coffee here, lunch there); nice restaurant, movie afterword.

I show up and wait for her at our table; Fixing myself up, makin’ sure I was looking good.

She shows up with 7 other people; three girls and four guys. One of the guys – sporting a fauxhawk, printed tee with some crappy saying on it and wow-dude-I-can-read-your-credit-card-number-those-are-some-tight-jeans – walks in with his arm around her. Apparently, she thought it was some sort of social get-together bullshit. Not amused, but playing along, I requested a bigger table and acted as nonchalant as possible. We all talked and joked, sure – but I was fuming inside. The entire night, she was flirty-flirt with Hipster McGee, giggling and shit.

We caught the movie (think it was Borat), said nighty night, traded a few phone numbers and went home.

Yes, I probably went too far into the “friend-zone”, but still. What a bitch.

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@Grisaille Fuck dude :(

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I have only ever had one bad date. The girl was from Ivory Coast and had just moved to france. She was a model, a former miss Ivory Coast, I was wealthy so her friends insisted I take her out for a drink. The girl had only two interests in life: posing for photos and showing off her press book. But she was ridiculously hot so I tried to find a conversation starter that wouldn’t make my brain melt. In vain. About an hour later, as I was ready to give up, she started talking about her uncle, a government official. At least we were going somewhere, until she proudly showed me her brand new passport. I had already seen passports before but I didn’t want to be rude so I checked it out anyway…
This one line, in her description, caught my attention:

Occupation: niece of the education and sports minister (maybe there was health in there as well but it was a long time ago so I’m fuzzy on the details).

It pretty much took care of what little interest I had in keeping that disaster going.

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@Jack_Haas I can only aspire to have such an occupation.

Dammit, some people just have it easy like that.

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@Grisaille Yup, hot girls have the world at their feet.

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Oh, Drastic. Why don’t you share yours?


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It’s so awful I am still trying to repress it. It was a blind date at high school and I still wake up with cold sweats at the thought of how terrible it was.

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When I was very young I was setup on a double date with someone who was a friend of my friend’s husband. We were all going to pizza after a ballgame the guys were playing. The guy seemed nice enough, but my friend and her husband got into such a fight that it was really awkward for us since we’d barely met before this.

Do you sit there quietly? Do you take your friend’s side? Do you try to maintain a separate conversation to the side while they’re arguing about why he bought sports equipment instead of diapers and what happened to the rest of his pay? Yikes!

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I have, I think, fortunately, blocked it from my memory.

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In the middle of the date, the girl starts spouting bible passages out of the blue. Then she starts accusing me (with anger) of making fun of her religion (which I wasn’t). We went home. In the cab going home, she continued. Finally, I told her if she didn’t shut up I’d throw her out of the “F’n” cab.

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Ha! Yeah, if a guy wanted to tell me about his “personal relationship with Jay-zussss” I was done.

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When Al Gore first invented the internet I started chatting with this Romanian girl. It sometimes got sort of flirty, but soon after I started dating a girl in the place where I was (Germany) and we ended up living together for 3 years or so. So my chats with the Romanian girl stopped and we sent the odd Christmas card. As soon as I broke up with the German girl, the Romanian girl jumped right in again saying stuff like “this is my chance now” and wanting to meet and so on. By her emails she made it sound as if I was the love of her life and she wanted to marry me. In any case, I agreed to meet, and to make things less awkward for both of us, I invited her to this meeting in Prague where there’d be a lot of us just hanging out for a few days, so that, if things didn’t kick off between us, we could just be friends within a larger group (and she might also meet someone else interesting there if she didn’t like me).

The girl was HORRIBLE. Physically she did look more or less like her picture, which is ok (nothing special, but not bad either). But she was so negative about everything that nobody in the group could stand her. Forget about the relationship – the way she greeted me the moment she came out the plane and I went to pick her up at the airport was the way you’d greet a guy that has already raped you and probably shot your mother too. The only other person that’s ever treated me like that is my ex wife-and only in court. Forget about friendship too, as it was obvious that everything she wrote in her emails was made up, and she didn’t like any of the things she said she did. Whatever the group suggested, she was the one to veto against it, and on a couple of occasions we just left her alone in the hotel while we went ahead with our plans. We couldn’t eat anywhere because of her very particular dietary needs, we couldn’t go out at night and we couldn’t even go sightseeing. She was so fussy that by day 3 she felt home sick and decided to take an earlier flight to Bucuresti, and ALL of us offered to pay for her flight if she did so (just to get rid of her). When she did leave, it was to the relief of the whole group, who finally managed to have a couple of days relaxing holidays without her.

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If you have ever seen Forest Gump, the part where his friend is talking about all the things you can do with shrimp. That is what my date was like, but except shrimp he was talking about pot. Pot brownies, pot cake, pot muffins…

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@IBERnineD So you’ve clearly been on a date with my room mate…........

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I had been working at Canadian Tire (hardware store chain) for about a year when the new guy got hired on. We were both 17. We were in different departments, so, we didn’t see each other all that much, but, got to know each other by hanging out in the staff lunchroom, and talked on the phone quite a bit. According to the boys that I worked with, he me liked a lot, and, he eventually asked me out on a date. First date, we went to a restaurant. The poor boy was nervous as hell, and, thus for the remainder of the evening he had terrible gas. There was no way that he was able to stifle those suckers—silent, albeit deadly. So, dinner, arcade, and eating ice cream along the pier – it was there.

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Mine is more like the planned date that didn’t happen. I had it all set up, dinner at a nice restaurant, a dozen of roses, music to be played, and the ring. She never showed up. I found out later that she stood me up to go to a party with a friend, where she got drunk and ended up with some other guy.

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The worst date I ever had was my fault. I’d just broken up with a boyfriend of two years (okay, I was dumped for a cheerleader who had her photo on the cover of Sports Illustrated) and my friends convinced me after two months, I should start going out again. So I went out with a guy who was in one of my classes, who seemed really nice. We decided on going to see a movie at the SAC, and then get a pizza. We did, and the date was fine up to that point. Then he suggested that we go back to his dorm room to “listen to some music.” He wanted to make out, but it was too soon for me to really be interested in someone, and I ended up putting up a big fuss. It got loud, and not really nice. He said mean things to me every time he saw me, for the remainder of the semester.

It really was my fault, because the primary reason for wanting to go out with him was because he was so much like my ex—looked the same, from the same home town, played the same sport, had the same interest. I thought perhaps the relationship and the attraction could be similar. It was awful. Lesson learned—you cannot replace one person with another.

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I had (and still have) the reputation for being a nice guy. A friend of mine asked me to take a friend of her’s out on a date. She had been dumped by her bf recently, and I was still recovering from my first relationship. We went out, had dinner, and this girl wouldn’t say a word. The entire evening she was completely quiet. After dinner, I dropped her off back at home, and she spoke, finally, saying: “Obviously there is no attraction here. I really only like wild guys. My mom complained to me that I should go out with someone nice. I want you to come in and meet her, so I can show I tried going out with a nice guy, but didn’t like it.”
I nodded, she got out of the car, and I drove off.

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Well, it started out with the guy accidentally pooping when he thought he had to fart… I think that accurately indicates what a joy the rest of the date turned out to be…

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@juwhite1 a shart is a sure sign of a bad date.

@jmah so it wasn’t just his heart that you made go pitter patter?

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My first date (and subsequently first kiss) turned out to be HORRIBLE.

I was 16 and he was too. I was going to a special holiday event with my family and we decided to bring him along. I told him it was going to be very formal and he showed up in a t-shirt and jeans. Ugh. My dad (who was in a tux) looked at him and GLARED.

My first kiss was in a bell tower with a starry sky. I was thinking about someone else…my date kissed like a fish.

Afterward, we went out to a very formal restaurant. He didn’t know what anything on the menu was, and had horrid manners. I ordered some escargot and he didn’t know what it was (despite the shells being there) and when I told him they were snails, he spent the next 20 minutes in the bathroom. He kept trying to hold my hand under the table and his hands were all crusty and nasty. Oh, did I mention he never showered and was morbidly obese (not because of a medical condition, because he didn’t care and I’ve seen him eat 5 hamburgers in one sitting). My standards were WAAAYY too low, as I was very depressed then and other stuff was going on.

Afterward, around 12, we decided to see a movie. It was the first Narnia movie. He insisted on getting nachos. I HATE nachos. He ate them like a pig and leaned over to kiss me and I got nacho cheese ALL over my face. The couple behind us were having sex during the movie and honestly, I didn’t like the movie itself. I dropped him off at his house as quickly as I could. We broke up soon after.

What a loser. He’s since dropped out of high school because he “doesn’t want to work”, lives with his grandmother, and is trying to start a rock band because he’s “so good” at Guitar Hero; surely he can play a REAL guitar.


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@eponymoushipster haha… Oh, it was lovely.~ When he’d let one go, his eyebrows would raise and he would immediately look at me for some sort of reaction. The worst was when there was an awkward pause (we both were silent) and he let one slip.

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@seekingwolf who has sex during Harry Potter?

@jmah too much Tim Horton’s? lol

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He was a bit older than me, and was going to take me to dinner and a movie. I got all dolled up. I was excited about it. I kind of liked the guy. He picked me up and we went to dinner and he pulls into, of all places Taco Bell! I could have died! I was way over dressed!
We go to the movie, which was fine, and he takes me home. Standing on my mothers porch, he wraps his arms around me and passionately kisses me goodnignt. As he draws me closer he begins to pray.
I am all for prayer, but when a 25 year old guy is passionately kissing a 16 year old girl on a first date, I hardly think that is the appropriate time. Totally awkward. This was all 30+ years ago.

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Oh, I don’t know…he was probably praying that your father wouldn’t have him arrested for messing with a minor.

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I was actually dating this guy, I was I believe 15 and he was 17. I was dating him to get back at this guy I actually “loved” so I wasn’t too into the guy I was dating.
So, he invites me to his senior prom, I go..we had a great time, go out to eat with all the friends after. So, I had planned on sleeping out that night, but you know…actually sleeping.
So, I sleep over the guys house, we were in the basement. I thought we’d make out but nothing more, he had other things in mind. It was so awful and awkward, he wanted me to do things..I didn’t want to. I refused and had to sleep on the floor of the cold basement. He was so pissed with me, and we stopped talking. Worst after prom date ever.

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@casheroo at least you didn’t cave. gotta respect that. :)

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@SirBailey , 30 years ago the lines were not as clearly defined as they are now. My dad was 22 when he married my 16 year old mother. A 16 YO was practically an adult. My best friend married a 26 year old when she was 16. We were on the cusp of the women’s movement and some girls just wanted to get married young to a man who could take care of them for the rest of their lives. A lot has changed in society attitudes in the last 30 years. I don’t even think I heard the word “pedophile” until I was in my 20’s.

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I would have to say that it was the dinner date with the pathologist who was deeply interested in fecal analysis.

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During my first year of med school one of my teachers asked me out… we had flirted quite a bit during the semester but nothing had really come from it until then. I picke her up and we drive to a nice restaurant in town and she starts going off about how tough it was being a teacher at that level and so on… and i guess she forgot who she was with because she started going off on how her students drove her crazy and how she wanted to fail the lot of them and blah blah blah blah blah… about the time dessert came she finished her tirade.. smiled, thanked me for listening and letting her vent… asked what i thought about her class and also how long i’d been wanting to sleep with her, and did i mind if we went to a motel instead of her place. Longest and quietest drive home of my life. I don’t think i got to speak 2 sentences that whole evening.

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we made out under a bus seat…stupid MAN WHORE!

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@cyndihugs How is that possible??

cyn's avatar

@Tink1113 wrestling trip to Phoenix…I went out with him after that. It was only a day. When I told my friends, they told me that he’s whore…so then I broke up with him :))

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@cyndihugs Good thing you broke up with him!!! :)

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@Tink1113 that’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

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I’ve had a lot of crummy dates, but this one was the worst.

The first real date I ever had was with a cute school baseball player- I was in 9th grade, he was in 10th. We went to the movies and he started kissing me, which I thought was the greatest thing ever. During the movie preview make out session, I learned that he had a nervous tick. So, it turned me off a little, but I was still psyched that I was on a date, and with an older popular guy. THEN, when the lights went down and the movie started, he insisted that he put his hand down my pants. I was really scared and didn’t know what to do, so like the stupid, young, naive, immature girl that I was, I let him. He didn’t know what the hell he was doing, and he hurt me. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and in pain. But he didn’t stop until he was finished pleasuring himself, too. It was disgusting. We met up with our friends afterward who were also in the theater making out. They seemed happy enough, but I was noticeably disturbed.

My mom came to pick me up and asked me how it went. I told her it was fine. She asked if he kissed me goodnight. It took all I had to choke back the tears. I wanted to tell her, but I was too ashamed. I just told her, “yes.” She thought that was cute.

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@ubersiren Good lord…. you want me to kill that d-bag for you? lol

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@ubersiren he jerked off in a movie theatre, after assaulting you? what a winner…

cyn's avatar

@ubersiren i’m so sorry to hear that….that happened to my friend as well only this was at a choir-church bus…

seekingwolf's avatar

@eponymoushipster @eponymoushipster

It was the first Narnia movie, not Harry Potter…Narnia IMO is far less appropriate to have sex during than Harry Potter…mostly because the kids are younger and it’s just…ugh shudder

eponymoushipster's avatar

@seekingwolf yeah, that is worse. Not only is it younger children, it’s a Christian allegory. It’s like fingerbanging someone during Fireproof.

Garebo's avatar

eponymoushipster : I would never wait two hours You have some patience.

eponymoushipster's avatar

@Garebo don’t get me wrong. i totally would during Fireproof. But the problem was i got so wrapped up in the story….~~~

filmfann's avatar

@eponymoushipster so what movie would be appropriate to fingerbang someone?

eponymoushipster's avatar

@filmfann Schindler’s List or anything with Charles Nelson Reilly.

Garebo's avatar

You the man.

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While out at a diner with my then girlfriend of several months, she randomly decided that it was a good idea to start complaining that I was not dominant enough in the relationship.
After I explained my stance on the subject she decided to move on to the fact that we were not varying our dates enough. At the time I was unemployed and having little luck finding work, so i focused on outings that could be fun without being expensive.
She continued to move on from negative subject to negative subject like this while still in a crowded diner, with an increasingly loud voice. we later went to my house where I tried to console her as she continually insinuated that I was a horrible boyfriend and my loving her to death was making her life miserable.
I always wanna kick myself a little when I think about it because she did this to me (and on other occasions actually made me feel like a bad person) more than once but she was my first girlfriend and I wanted so badly to make things work.

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Thanks all. Knowing what I know now, he would’ve left without a penis. And that tick would’ve been scared straight out of him.

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I was 18 and the man was 25, a regular customer at a restaurant I had worked in. He asked my boss rather than me if he could ask me out and my boss suggested I go since she knew his family and all. We went to a comedy club where two other women showed up to join us and the three of them gave me the creeps for a few hours staring at me but not talking to me nor paying much attention to the comedy act. I told the man I was feeling unwell and had to work early so he would take me home. When he asked if he could take me out again, I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea and since he didn’t question me, I figure he knew I knew he was truly a creep.

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Was introduced by a friend. Was a sort of blind date.
She was ok, but she had sooooo much makeup on her face,
A regular cake face.
I was younger and more daring. So we ended up parking and making out. I looked up into the rearview mirror to see my face was covered with makeup.

Total turn off, did not get further. Did not call here again. No question that she was insecure, the makeup just reinforced it.

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@ubersiren Gah, I’m am so sorry. That is so awful.

Other than @ubersiren‘s piggish tearjerker, this is a truly hilarious thread.
Unfortunately, I have nothing to offer. :(

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so so many, but one of the funniest, in retrospect of course, was when i went to meet a bisexual woman and straight guy couple at their apartment to hang out. After about 10 minutes of arriving, and I think immediately after the guy proudly said “I’m really good at art and shit..”, I physically cringed and started gritting my teeth, when visions of “redneck” and “white trash” danced through my head. I quickly devised a plan. Ooops! I had forgotten the wine in the car (which i did, thankfully) and excused myself to go down to retrieve it. First thwarting of plan: They both accompanied me downstairs and out of the building as they needed to key me back in (had planned to quietly drive away once out of the building). Plan B: Thankfully they waitied on the terrace while i walked to my car for the wine. Once at the car, I saw that i had also left my phone in the car. With clever thinking, I picked up the phone and hit buttons, and acted like i was listening to a voice mail. I returned to them and improvised the following: “So that was my neighbor. They left me a voicemail saying that they noticed that the dogs were out roaming around the neighborhood. There’s this hole in my backyard fence that i’ve been meaning to fix because I thought it looked like they could possibly squeeze through it, and was gonna fix it, but never got around to it. So they have the dogs back in the backyard, and are watching them but they said they can’t keep an eye on them too too long as they have plans. So I need to get home and take care of the dogs, god, and my roommates are in WV this weekend so i can’t call them. Sorry about that, yeah! I’ll definitely give you a call…”

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The guy that was such a workaholic, had about 6 calls on his cell phone in the first 15 minutes of our date.
Then he left me sitting alone at a little mountain cafe while he drove off for 30 minutes trying to find cell phone reception in the canyon.

WTF!...see ya sparky! lol

Aster's avatar

It’s too painful to remember all the rotten idiots I had dates with but this one is too remarkable not to tell: I was in college and I had one date with some dude. Next day when I was walking down the street with a friend (female) I heard a loud SNAPPING sound. Turning around, this moron who I had an almost decent date with previously was SMILING AND WALKING BEHIND ME SNAPPING A BULL WHIP. We walked faster, screaming.
The next day he had a dozen long stemmed red roses delivered to me in my dorm. His friend called me and said the guy was sorry. I never spoke to or saw him again. I guess by now he’s some lucky woman’s husband. What a scholar.

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I was in high school. The guy himself was very nice and polite. We didn’t have much in common, but that was beside the point.

The part that makes it the worst date ever was that his car died in the middle of a really busy road. It was so dead, that the lights on the car didn’t even work so he couldn’t put on his blinkers so that other people could see that there was a broken down car in the middle of the road. For some reason, the car wouldn’t roll either. It was just a rock solid lump of metal in the middle of the road.

This was pre-cell phone days, so we had to take a fairly long hike to the nearest gas station to get to a phone. I was in high heels, miniskirt and panty hose and it was muddy as heck—no sidewalks! He was in a really nice suit. We looked like war refugees by the time we got to the gas station.

Luckily, a police officer was there and he drove us to the car—which someone had crashed into by then. The police officer then sternly questioned my date, demanding to know why he didn’t push the car off the side of the road. Then his dad drove by (I think my date called him at the gas station) and his dad started yelling at him.

My date just started crying—I mean he burst into tears and kept saying that this was the worst night of his life. Somehow we ended up to the place we intended on going. And we somehow managed to have a good time. But neither of us were too keen on having a second date—too many horrible memories. We were friends for years after that, though.

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Hmmm worst date? There have been a few losers, but the worst? I met this guy after talking with him on the phone a few times. We were both writers so we had that in common. Met at a bar and he seemed nice enough. We had a drink and then we went for pizza. He spent the whole time telling me how brilliant he was and what a great catch he was.

He whipped out handwritten pages from a notebook and thrust them at me to read, apparently wanting to impress me with his writing. I wouldn’t have minded had he asked me to take it home and read & give him feedback, but he wanted me to read it in front of him and tell him how brilliant he was. I could barely follow the story that was incoherent at best. I babbled something about it being really funny and he looked at me in horror.

“Funny? It’s about someone getting murdered!” He snatched the papers from my hands and looked at me with disgust. “It was probably over your head anyway,” he countered.

No. You are a douche. Of course, I didn’t say that. I got up, and walked out of the pizza place. He didn’t follow me, but I also didn’t have my car because we met at a bar and drove together in his car. This was pre-cell phone days. I wanted to get away just in case he came out so I started walking down the highway. Oh, did I mention that it was poring rain out? No? It was.

Some guy stopped and asked if I wanted a ride and I foolishly took it. My clothes were soaked and I was shivering. The guy was very nice and took me back to the bar and as I got out of the car he scolded me for even getting into the car with him because after all, how did I know he wasn’t a homicidal maniac? Very bizarre.

The “writer” called me the next day to see whether I wanted to go out on a second date! What a loser.

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