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Why do women get mad when we don't call them?

Asked by troym333 (135points) July 11th, 2009

my girlfriend one day was mad cause i didn’t call.

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I think you might be reading hurt as mad. She feels like you don’t care about her. Do you?

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I suppose not all women get angry…but if you don’t want her angry as often…call and ask her how her day went. I’m sure she just wants to know how your day went.

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PS, I enjoy the topics =)

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I certainly don’t get mad when you don’t call me

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Did you ask her why she was mad?

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Cause you don’t call them!!!!!
and not all of us are like that, I really don’t care because I never answer you anyway

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I suppose to really understand if her anger was justified we would need to know how long it was since you had called her, if you had said you would call her and how often you usually call her.

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On the extreme (since I don’t know you or your girlfriend in the least):
She probably doesn’t trust you and thinks you may have been doing something she didn’t want you to be doing.
She is possessive and controlling and doesn’t approve of you asserting your independence.
Some wild possibilities:
She was going to use your phone call as an alarm clock and since you didn’t call she missed out on her audition for American Idol and will now never be able to realize her dream of singing to that annoying English guy, the black guy and Paula Abdul.
She was planning on masturbating to the sound of your voice and she’s been holding off all day and now she has… blue breasts?

Oh wait… I know… ASK HER.

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I’ll would eventually call her so she should stup playin

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@Lovey_Howell Lurve for the laugh!

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Did you tell her you would call? If you did that could be why she is upset – don’t tell her you are going to call and not call. Have you set a precedent by calling her daily? If you have then you can’t be too unhappy with her if you broke the precedent. I see where you said that you would call her eventually so she should stup playin, but how long should she wait? I mean should she wait 24 hours? 48? I’m not convinced she’s playing, if she is your girlfriend why not keep in touch with her? If you want her to remain your girlfriend you should probably ask her why she got upset and avoid accusing her of playing.

Then again @Lovey_Howell could be on to something, maybe her breasts have turned blue and she’s pissed off at you for doing that to her.

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I’ve known some men that get upset too. the stupidity!

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A phone call says, I am thinking of you. It shouldn’t be a gender thing…

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Did she call you? I mean is she sitting around waiting for you to always make the call? Did you purposely not call her? Do you typically call her every day? I need more info or I have no real answer. I mean if you call her every day, and wound up being very busy that day, and did not get around to calling her, she should not WAIT and get angry she should call you, and you just have to be sure to be VERY HAPPY she called. I never waited for my boyfriend to call, we called each other all of the time, same with my husband.

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Why does anybody get bugged when you ignore them? Because they are expecting something else.

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“Mad” is usually a term used with dogs; I prefer the term “angry.”

I don’t need to speak to my partner every day, but we normally do communicate in some way every day. If you say you’re going to call, then call, or at least let the person know you won’t be able to call. It’s mutual respect.

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@jeanna I was just talking about mad and angry with my husband at dinner.

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@JLeslie It’s quite a pet peeve of mine when people use the term “mad” in reference to an actual person, unless they mean it in a different manner, such as “crazy”. :)

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@jeanna I don’t want to hijack the thread, but yes, I agree. I sometimes slip myself, but you will see in my comment I used angry. In Mexico, my husband is Mexican they only use enojado for people, which translates to angry, and Bravo for animals, which means mad, same as the English should be. The Brits use Mad to mean crazy, which makes sense because a “mad dog” is crazy out of control, seems full of anger, aggressive. So, I guess the Brits over time took the word more towards crazy, and we took is more towards angry.

So many things in English have been adopted as common usage. I think I did a question on the word irregardless once (or maybe it was on facebook?) it is actually in some dictionaries as a synonym for regardless! That is way worse than mad in my book.

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Because you don’t care about her. :-(

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It’s nice to know that people you care about are thinking of you and caring about you right back. So she was probably more hurt than angry.

I also like how you put “women” and “stupidity” in the tags. Was her getting upset stupid, or was the fact that you asked this question at all stupid? Just something to ponder…

If you think her feelings are “stupid”, you’re probably not ready for a serious relationship.

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All people demand attention, and when it is not delivered on time, they tend to get frustrated and angry, Especially when that someone wants you to call them at a particular moment that you are clueless to. And when you finally do decide to call you are an annoyance, either way it is difficult.

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She’s probably not feeling very loved by you at the moment. If you’ve recently given her less attention than usual that puts up a red flag for some girls. She may think you don’t care about her as much as you use to. She just needs attention.

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