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CQ, CQ, CQ - here is VK2AXK calling CQ - come in please...

Asked by DarkScribe (15505points) July 12th, 2009

Who knows what I am talking about?

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that depends… are you in the red tower or the blue one?

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@applesaucemanny that depends… are you in the red tower or the blue one?

It doesn’t happen all that often – but you have totally confused me. There are no towers involved.

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Ham radio?

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@DarkScribe okay never mind then, forget this conversation

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@augustlan Ham radio?

Yes, another question made me think of it. I used to be really keen when I was a teenager. Got my first rig at fourteen.

I was wondering if there were any other hams “Fluthering”. In many ways it wasn’t too different to this. We all chatted and asked and answered questions, helped each other out with technical things.

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CQ as in seek you means a general invitation to anyone listening on that frequncy

VK means the operator is in Australia

after that I have no idea

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I have to admit that I only knew this because I read your response in the other question you mentioned.

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I’ve always been interested in amateur radio, to the point where every so often I’ll spend an entire night reading about it, but I’ve never taken any steps toward actually becoming involved. Lack of money and percieved lack of time stops me. And it seems like there’s so much to learn, both technically and culturally. I do see it as a hobby somewhere on the horizon though.

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Sounds like ham radio to me.

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You’re channeling some poor kid who’s losing a spelling bee?

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I think I scored 6/100 in that ‘bee’ but will remember the call sign until the end of time.
1968 Wav Col

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