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If Fluther was a school would you go to it?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 12th, 2009 from iPhone

I would, if you did what social class do you think you would be in?
Who would you consider your friends there?
Doesn’t matter how old you are, you could also be a teacher, principle, whatever

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Fluther offers some of the best education on some of the most obscure topics I’ve ever seen. I would certainly love to attend this school! I guess I’d have to be the Vice Principal or something, though. Bummer.

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Vice Principle?? Why?? You can be Principle if you wanted :)

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No, I could play truant and get away with it. That would make a change.

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I would be the music teacher! :D

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If Fluther were a school everyone would act as both teacher and pupil.

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Well with only 68 lurve, does that meen I have an F/

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@mally03 Nope, your a Freshman :)

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@mally03: I’m thinking a Fluther school would be more Summerhillian than a conventional school, with no grading system. But if there were grades, judging from your answers and questiong so far, you would have an A.

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@Tink1113 @pepethepothead. aww thanks

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If Fluther was an STD, would you have it? I would.

I wonder what I mean by that.

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I’d have it for sure. Lurve orgy!

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Hell yeah, I’d go.

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hehe I’m glad no one has mentioned bully…yet

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@richardhenry don’t worry, I have that already

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@applesaucemanny I find that it’s a great way to make friends

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@Tink1113 I figure Community Manager = Vice Principal… Bendrew would be co-Principals.

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Fluther cooties are Ace

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@augustlan Oh well :(
I wouldn’t use the Fluther “protection”
I lurve Fluther cooties!!!!

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both teacher and pupil. that would be great. :) i think i’ve wathced a movie like this, just can’t remember the title. i’d certainly go of there was a fluther school :)

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I think I do go to Fluther school.

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No, I don’t think I would actually.

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@richardhenry I lol’d hard, man. Good one, completely unexpected.

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I’d go. There would be an awful lot of English teachers, though…

Myself included. @Tink1113, your first assignment is to read this.

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Hells. Yes. ‘Nuff said.

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If Fluther is an STD what would the treatment be? Assume it’s too late for that protection.

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@cyndyh I think you pretty much have to set yourself on fire to get rid of that one.

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So, we’re referencing that dying in a blaze of glory thing all over again. Are we? :^>

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I think Fluther is an ETD, although the disease needs no cure.

A school, naw, I don’t think so. I don’t do well in strict structured environnments. that’s why I live in one of the grass huts left over from the Gilligan’s Island television series.

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@richardhenry Is that a friend of yours?

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If Fluther were a school…...

Astrochuck would be class clown
gailcalled and Jeruba would be Chairs of the English Department
skfinkel would be the guidance counselor
shilolo would be school nurse
eponymous monster would be in the principal’s office for mouthing off…

Hell yes, I’d go!

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Can I dorm with eponymoushipster?

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So I would use another school to keep me from my schoolwork? I’m OK with that.

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It is “hipster” not monster, isn’t it? I get so confused and really just to want to call him “monkey man.”

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It’s eponymoushipster…

janbb's avatar

I know; I just goofed above. Thanks.

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oh haha janbb i thought you were being funny, you just have just pretended it was a joke :P

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Oops… I thought it was a joke, but I figured if it wasn’t…

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@dverhey I appreciate the thoughtfulness.

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I do go to school on Fluther. I learn something almost every time I log on. I learn things that surprise me. I learn things that delight me. I learn things sometimes that disturb me.

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@Tink1113: You’re an amazing writer for your age. Here’s
your second assignment.

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Milo here: I expect to be school mascot.

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Yeahh!!! I’d deffinitely go!!! No doubt!!!
i’d probally be a freshman and make tons of friends there :P

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@gailcalled Well, Milo will have some competition with my son :P

I would attend. But yes, definitely a lot of English teachers. And computer courses. I’ll hang out in the Zombie fighting area.
Oh, and I want to dorm near @richardhenry and make him say “vitamin”

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@dverhey Fluther school instead of regular school
@MacBean Lol, principal
@gailcalled Lol, you’re

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I think it would be fun, though I think we need more conservatives to balance out the bias in the Government/Politics class.

I could teach Latin. I’d love to do that.

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Definitely would attend. Will probably be hanging out with other “freshmen” like myself. Then I’d bring my hubby along to give away to “bullies” because he had asked me to stop “fluthering” a couple of times. Hmmm…sounds like a plan.

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Just saw this post and I think Saturated Brain will make a good teacher. =)

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@DominicX you are right, we have too many namby-pamby progressive, NewAgey, tree hugging, animal activist, PETA-supporting ALF liberals here. =)

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Im one of those NewAgey, tree hugging, animal activist, PETA-supporting ALF liberals

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@casheroo : Hey do we have anyone here from Scotland? I want to room next to them and make them say “tantamount to murder”. :^>

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@Tink1113 well of course you are, I figured that out a long time ago. =)

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@cyndyh, sandystrachan is Scottish.

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I would go every day! Even the weekends! :D

Well… let’s not get carried away here. ; )

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@jonsblond OMG nooo! ): flips hair

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@evelyns_pet_zebra : Who’s sandystrachan, and will he or she record themselves saying the phrase “tantamount to murder” for me? I would just love it! It’s the most awesome sound in a Scottish accent.

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_Who would you consider your friends there?_fluther… I would just be a student
Doesn’t matter how old you are, you could also be a teacher, principle, whatever
principle: Bendrew
Teachers: Mod
Blondesjon-history teacher
Darwin-science teacher
Jeruba-English teacher

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i would not only go to it, i would transfer to it.

question: as a student, my favourite form of procrastination is fluther. does this mean that when i start going to flutherschool, i’ll start doing homework from my regular school to procrastinate from doing fluther work?

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Ugh, homework :(
And we would definitly have to wear a uniform.
What would the Fluther School be called anyways?? Ideas

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@gailcalled I like it – it has a certain ring to it!

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No, but if Fluther were a bar, I would order a beer or two.

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I have no desire to go back to school—at least not if I have to pay, and not if I have to do school work. I don’t want to teach or grade papers, either. I don’t want to manage a bunch of teachers. I would, however, like to be the chaperone for the outing club. I’d also like to play in the jazz ensemble, so long as there was no conductor.

If it were like Summerhill, I’d go, but that’s like life, so what’s the point?

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You don’t have to pay it’s just for Flutherites.
Yes you can be what you want

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Say it, but don’t shout Welcome, daisy19.

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Cool. We can go to school and ask and answer questions for however long we want to? Awesome, I’ll go.

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I’d finish my third degree there, and stay on to teach fluthering and flutherspeak, with a little flunking* now and then.

Flunk = fluthering under the influence.

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Yes because we’d be asking questions we really want to know the answer to, and not dumb textbook lessons

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