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Those that allow non-working children to download from iTunes, how many songs do you allow them to download, and how often?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 12th, 2009
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Why are you not working?

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Well, I was already on my way out the door of my parents house when iTunes became popular, but how we handled it was this:

I had my own iTunes account, and I could spend my allowance and birthday money however I wanted, so if I wanted to buy music on iTunes, I would go to Target and buy an pre-paid iTunes card, and use it. So I could buy as much music as I wanted, but if I did, I wouldn’t have any to spend on anything else. It helped teach me about the value and the finiteness of money. It was a good system.

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I set up an allowance for my son which debits my credit card every month automatically and
credits his iTunes account with the designated amount ($10)

It’s very convenient and teaches him a bit about managing finances too.

It’s also really easy to suspend if he gets grounded, ha ha

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But how much do you allow him to spend on iTunes monthly?

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Sorry I forgot, I edited my previous response while you were on.

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My mother’s approach was like @La_chica_gomela‘s parents. They would never have given me an “iTunes allowance” of x amount a month, that’s not how they roll. I earned all my pocket money by babysitting for my younger brothers and sisters and I could spend it on whatever I liked – my mother never said a word about what I bought with my money (you know, other than “cute shirt!). If I wanted to spend it on iTunes music, I would. I couldn’t have download music on my parents account/their card at all, since they never had an account – it was always in my name (I think I signed up when I was 15 or so?) and attached to my debit card on my own bank account.

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I don’t really use iTunes, but my brother does. (My sister uses iTunes too, but during the school year she worked at Starbucks and had her own money. Now, if she wants to use my parents money, she just buys the occasional song by telling my parents first that she’s going to buy it. Because she has an iPhone, she has her own account). My brother has his own account and is allowed $20 a month, but he doesn’t necessarily use that up. He never buys albums either, just individual songs. It seems to work for him.

As for me, I’ll download maybe 2–5 songs a month or something; I really don’t use it that often. I’m more of an illegal download type person.

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We give the kids iTunes gift cards for Christmas and birthdays, and it is up to them to ration it out. They end up getting about $50 a year. So far, I have not gotten any complaints.

When I was their age I used to use my Christmas money and birthday money to buy albums. At $6 each I could afford to buy two a year. That was a couple of years ago!~

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I hate buying songs as downloads, I like to physically own the record (vinyl if it’s available otherwise CD)

I have an album on vinyl that came with a little credit card type thing with a code to go onto a website and download all the mp3’s for free. This is a great idea I think as although my set up easily allows me to record my vinyl to mp3 I’m sure not everyone’s does and it just takes the hassle out of it. If you have paid for the album you shouldn’t have to pay again to get it in digital format.

Sorry that was kinda off topic.

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