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Is there a way to save my bookmarked websites to my flash drive?

Asked by Facade (22917points) July 12th, 2009
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If you are using IE, do a search for your “favorites” file and copy that to your flash drive.
If you use firefox, go to “bookmarks” and select “organize bookmarks”. Then run the import/backup tool.

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Do I click import or export for firefox?

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I think it’s export because you are taking them out

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Exporting your bookmarks will create a file you can copy to your flash drive. Then on the other computer, you can import using firefox. If the destination computer has IE, you can still import your bookmarks.

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Thanks you guys!

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or you could use an online bookmarks site like delicious…i know it’s not what you asked….

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@tadpole That’s a good idea too, but I’d forget I have my stuff there

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why so? accessible from all computers…easy to update from all computers…and delicious is very well known prob the most common online bookmarks manager…go for it!!

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