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Can anyone explain why this was closed?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 12th, 2009 from iPhone

I want to know

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Looks like because it got so many responses (or non-responses) and was a jokey satirical question to begin with. At least, that’s my guess. I think both the question, the responses and the archiving were done as a joke.

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Probably because we were coming too close to the truth.

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Maybe 1140 responses were simply enough. I know I tried like everything to get mine to stick, but of course they never did. It was like writing your best wit on the water, irresistible in its sheer hopelessness. Charley Brown and the football.

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@DominicX Hmmm maybeee

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Because fluther is a front for the CIA!

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@Jeruba and they also closed the dusscusion, maybe this one will be closed too

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Don’t be surprised if this character shows up.

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If they close this discussion, then how much more proof do you need?

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@whitenoise Good point, better be careful what we post for now on…

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a moderator!!! Run!!!

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[mod says] That discussion was closed because the founders plan to write in the blog about it at some point. Once it was mentioned in the blog, it would become a target for mischief making by outside forces (new members who join only to post there).

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That answer is so boring that it takes all the romance out of it. Be a good mod and remove it, won’t you?

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There is no doubt in my mind that the CIA closed the thread because they got tired of tracking it regularly. @augustlan‘s story about a blog is a handy cover and merely serves to prove my point.

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Vee haff our vays.

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@SuperMouse Your answer is really the only true answer. “They” have had that silly cover story about a blog for months now.

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We are watching everything.

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Removed by Fluther moderators.

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I’d tell you, but the CIA will [REDACTED].

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