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What is your opinion on the Griffin Reval case for the iPhone 3G(S)?

Asked by Trendge (82points) July 12th, 2009

This looks like a nice case but I’d like a second opinion.

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I’d buy it

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It seems like a good deal and $30 isn’t too bad. It looks really nice so I’d probably give it shot. It looks sturdier than some other cases/covers I’ve seen.

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It’s a great way to protect from scratches but it won’t provide any shock absorption if your phone slips out your hand.

My two cents – If thinness and scratch protection are what you want. Buy the BodyGuardz

It’s the same material car dealerships apply to bumpers to protect from scratches. It’s great stuff. There are other companies that make them for the iPhone also but this is the best. They also give you two full covering sets for a good price. I’ve used it on all my previous iPhones and current one. As extra added protection, you can buy any other case to fit on top of it. However, I would avoid plastic cases such as the one you’ve posted as it is made to an exact fit and the slight thickness of the the BodyGuardz film doesn’t allow exact fitting cases to fit on properly. Rubber, silicone and leather cases fit well over the film. I use an elegant leather Sena case over the film. So perfect! Well, perfect for me anyway…

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By the way, also thought it would be worth to mention that I usually sell my iPhone in order to upgrade to the newer model each year.

The BG film I mentioned above is great because after a year, I was able to peel it off and my iPhone was good as new (practically mint). It helped in retaining ithe iPhone’s resale value. Apple products are like the BMW’s of the tech world and they retain value like no other tech toy can.

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I’d buy it… Oh wait. No iPhone… But it looks alright.

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It’s for the itouch right? Yeah I thought so :)

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Don’t have one of those. iPod Classic FTW.

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