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Theists: What exactly is your definition of God?

Asked by lloydbird (8735points) July 13th, 2009

This Q is inspired by JLeslie’s superb, recent, Q to the same self describers.

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Everything good and right that is worth loving, honoring, and believing in. Where two or more come together purely for the better and for love, there you will find God.

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Oh! Politics are not included in that.

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Something akin to the Force – sort of a mystical energy that connects all living things on the Earth. And those on other planets, should they exist (I find it likely, but couldn’t say where or if that life is recognizable). See also the Inner Light of the Society of Friends.

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Do we really need more of these questions?

I would say god is a man-made authority that only the foolish still believe in. Belief in god is admitting you are powerless when, in fact, you have the power to do anything you want in this world. I’m in no way offended by religious types, I more than pity them. I can openly say that I am an atheist and I have everything I want in the world, and none of what makes me happy was achieved by believing in any false profit. Instead of praying, hoping and having faith, I worked for what I have.
Define him however you want, he/she/it doesn’t exist.

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@TabernakAttack Psst. “prophet”

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Why am I not surprised by the paucity of responses ?

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because it’s such a recycled topic?

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God is me, and you, and everyone else, we all have the power to kill or be killed and we should all believe in ourselves and not someone who doesn’t show his face or is dead, this is exactly why we had the revolutionary war, we should stop idolizing someone we don’t see, if michael Jackson and Houdini were combined that’s who you’d be idolizing

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@TabernakAttack Thanks for calling me a fool right out of the gate. I appreciate that.

God is love. God is omnipotent. It was put very nicely here if you are so inclined to take the time to watch it. Or listen to the better version in just audio without the retarded music in the background: here

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Apparently God is not definable, just is, was and shall ever be (from my old catholic catechism) above human comprehension…especially mine.

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@lloydbird Thank you for the acknowledgment :).

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The intelligent origin of our orderly biophilic universe.

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@mattbrowne Interesting answer. Thanks for the intro. to ’ Biophilia ’. Should I assume that you are a ‘Theist’ because you’ve answered this Q ?

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@lloydbird – Yes, I’m a theist, a non-dogmatic Christian to be precise. You?

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@mattbrowne Non-dogmatic Christian sounds interesting, although I don’t know what it is.
I suppose I am something of a ’ Theist ’ myself, in the ’ Pantheist ’ line, but non-religionistic.

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Here’s a good Wikipedia description:

At the core of the dogma concept is absolutism, infallibility, irrefutability, unquestioned acceptance (among adherents) and anti-skepticism. These concepts typically invoke criticism from moderate and modulated conceptual approaches, and thus “dogma” is often colloquially used to indicate a doctrine which has the problem of claiming absolute truth, when other concepts may be superior.

A non-dogmatic Christian rejects absolutism, infallibility, irrefutability, unquestioned acceptance and anti-skepticism. And doesn’t believe there is only one ‘truth’ and only one ‘way’. There is my way and your way and as long nobody gets harmed this is wonderful. A non-dogmatic Christian doesn’t leave the thinking to the priests and ministers. A non-dogmatic Christian acknowledges that the bible is not the only source of wisdom.

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@mattbrowne Sounds even more interesting now. :-)

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