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Would you wear yesterday's already worn t-shirt to the gym today?

Asked by Deepness (1145points) July 13th, 2009

I workout 4 times a week. I usually wear the t-shirt I wore the day before to the gym for my workouts to help cut back on laundry. Anyone else do the same?

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Not unless I had nothing else to wear.

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Yes and no. I don’t really wear the same types of clothes during my regular day as I wear to the gym, so no. But I do wear multiple sports bras, and if the outermost one is basically dry when I’m done, I’ll wear it again, so yes. Is that weird?

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I don’t see anything wrong with that method, youre just going to get sweaty anyway.

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If it doesn’t stink, yeah.

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that would smell quite bad.

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sure why not

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if the sweat stain on your shirt is larger than a mongoose, yes.

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As long as you don’t wear the same shirt out after i think you’re ok.
As long as the shirt is clean when you go in, you get a pass. No one likes being around the person with the nasty smelly workout gear.

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That’s what I meant. I wore the t-shirt yesterday (not to the gym). It is dry and I didn’t sweat in it.

Today, I wear it to the gym and sweat. I don’t wear it out the gym after.

I think it’s ok. Just curious to see if others do the same.

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I make my husband do it… he goes through more clothes between work, the gym, and golf than any dang girl!!!!!

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I would be concerned about the damage to the fibers of the cotton from being worn twice without being cleaned. It would make the shirt wear out much faster. Also, bacteria loves to grow in unwashed cotton.

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If you wear the shirt to the gym and get all sweaty, please don’t wear that shirt the next day. That’s approaching nasty really quickly. Other people smell you before you do.

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Sure, Im a scumbag.

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haha absolutely. It already smells, so why not make it that much smellier right?

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there was an entry on The Foggy Monocle about one guy who stank so bad at this gym, he was told to shower first. FWIW

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I think it’s fine, especially now that you’ve explained you don’t wear it to the gym the first day. Makes sense, actually.

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Sure, it beats wearing 2 shirts a day. I wear lots of things 2 or 3 times. But after the gym, it’s done, of course.

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I wish I could wear my gym clothes two days instead of just one, but they get so soaked from working out that they are just nasty. It is rather like putting on a still-wet bathing suit but in Smell-o-Vision.

However, wearing the t-shirt to the gym today that I wore yesterday to just sit around the house in is fine, unless I had a problem getting all the spaghetti sauce into my mouth. Then it looks a bit tacky.

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As long as the shirt doesn’t stand up by itself, I don’t see a problem.

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if it’s not soaking wet from sweat, who cares? you’re just going to get sweaty again, and no one is going to be like “ohmygod that’s not today sweat, that’s definitely yesterday sweat. ew.”

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Sure, that makes sense.

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No, I wouldn’t.

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As long as it’s not soaked in sweat, I would. It’s just a shirt after all.

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