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How would you rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10?

Asked by atr408 (357points) January 5th, 2008
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9, because I haven’t done my new year’s resolutions. When that’s done, I’m 10 ^^

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3, but then again I’ve never met anyone that I would rate higher than a 4. We all have so much that we can improve and we should all strive to reach a 10 by the time we die. Unfortunately, most people seem very satisfied and proud of themselves once they reach 1 – they are usually the ones crowing about how great they are. ;-)

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I never rate myself. Its impossible to do so in an objective manner, therefor acurately.

Instead I just stay focused on always aiming for “10”.

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You cant rate your self because you will always say a bigger number then you actually are. i agree with the comment above… i do always try to look my best but some days i just dont give a ****. so… some my number differs from day to day….. hahaha. ha

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Between 7 – 9. Depending on the day.

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