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Is it possible to block a phone number from a cell phone?

Asked by Allie (17436points) July 13th, 2009

I’m having problems with an ex-boyfriend calling me. We broke up quite a while ago, but every few months or so he calls me out of the blue. Without going into the whole story, I don’t want him calling me! Ever!
So, can I somehow block his number (several of the numbers he uses) from my cell phone.
If it makes a difference, I have a T-Mobile G1.
Any help would be appreciated.

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call your service provider. they can block individual numbers.

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Just don’t answer. He may get the message unless he is really thick.

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This is why I love caller id. So sorry you need to deal with this!

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sorry to hear he’s still bothering you.

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You can delete his name from your contacts list so the number rings up as unknown or unidentified, answer only calls from people on your contacts.

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I tried to block a phone number but my phone company told me that it wasnt possible. It was a stalker’s number… it got really messy!!! Im so sorry you’re going through this and I hope it doesnt get worse..

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@dannyc If she doesn’t answer, He’ll keep on brother had this problem, until he blocked it, but then, that bitch kept on calling him from a different telephone device…
@Allie I agree with @eponymoushipster you should talk to your service provider..that’s what I would do..

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I set the ringer for their number to silence, that way when they call, I don’t even know it.

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You can also search for applications for the G1 that blocks calls or something.

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Do what @eponymoushipster said. Talk to your cell phone provider.

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@richardhenry don’t worry, i’m sure she’d talk to you on the phone…

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No seriously, I once tried to block someone who was being weird/a pain in the ass. This is in the UK, so it might be a bit different in the US.

I called the carrier (which was O2), and they pretty much said they can’t really do anything at their level other than assign you a new number (which they said they were happy to do for free since it was a nuisance issue).

They pretty much said you have to get the police involved in order to block someone from calling you. It’s something about contracts or something, and they don’t have blocking built into the network.

Maybe that’s changed since then, this was like ~2004.

Good luck.

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@richardhenry I was told roughly the same thing.

(Sigh.) I might have to call the police. Thanks everyone.

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@Allie I luff you, do you need me to beat some ass for you since you’re all injured and stuff?

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I just checked the G1 forums at T-Mobile. Someone posted that there IS a way to block callers on the G1 without any apps or whatnot. You’re supposed to open up the contact of the person, push “edit” and then scroll down until you see a checkbox that says “Send contact to Voicemail” or something. Check checkbox. Done.

Can you try that out?

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@seekingwolf If I send him to voicemail, won’t I have to deal with all the messages still? Thanks a bunch for searching. =]

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Not if you use YouMail on your cell phone (it’s a free service…check it out at

I had a problem with an ex at one time too. What I did was block his calls (like I showed you with your G1) so that they would go to voicemail without ringing. However, I use YouMail for my voicemail. You get more leeway when it comes to greetings and you get unlimited space for your messages. It’s nice. Anyway, you can add his number(s) to your YouMail account and set them up to be “ditched”...that means when he calls you and goes to your voicemail, YouMail will “ditch” his call so he can’t leave messages. You can even set up a custom voicemail greeting for him (perhaps “Sorry but this number is unavailable, please try again later.”)

Thus, using the call blocker in your G1 and YouMail, your phone won’t ring when he calls and he won’t even get to leave a message. I did this same thing with my ex and he thought I changed numbers so he eventually stopped calling me. Works great!

If you need any help/info on this, please let me know :)

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Oh, I just looked at YouMail, they also have a visual voicemail client for Android phones (like your G1). I have the app on my Blackberry it’s great.

If you’re worried about setting it up on your phone, you shouldn’t be. :) YouMail pretty much walks you through it until it’s all done so that’s good. :D

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@seekingwolf i tried this youmail thing. actually pretty good, thus far. gets my vote.

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@seekingwolf Ah! Genius! Thanks. I’ll definitely send you a PM if I have some questions.

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You should be able to block numbers online at the phone company’s website. Almost all major phone carriers have a website and a section a section dedicated to blocking numbers/voice.

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I was just reading this and my stalker just called me.

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