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Have you ever texted something to the wrong person?

Asked by autumn43 (5287points) July 14th, 2009

I have done that a few times lately. I sent a text meant for my daughter “Do not wear flipflops when you drive!” to an acquaintance who responded “I don’t wear flipflops”. And another time to one of my friends asking her if she wanted to meet for dinner – and a guy called me and told me I had been texting him a lot and wanted me to know I had the wrong number. And would love to go to dinner. LOL! There are a couple more that I can think of….

But I’m just wondering if I’m the only one who is textually incompetent!

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Hmm… I believe @whatthefluther has done this.

I have too, but my story isn’t as funny/hilarious as his was.

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There was a misunderstanding between my hubby and my younger sister a little while back. I was in favor of my sister I received a text message from her complaining about something. I did not immediately reply and when I did – I had sent it to my husband by mistake. As soon as I realized this, I immediately called him and said “I forwarded you a text message I had sent my sister, just so you know what I said.” =P

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Have certainly done so. And received some very odd mis-texts. Very odd indeed…

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I’ve done this too. Usually it’s an I-meant-THAT-Rachel type of mistake, but there was one really unfortunate event where instead of sending a text to the intended recipient, I sent it to the person that I was talking about because I was distracted while sending it. Yeah, that wasn’t good… I was complaining about a group member not pulling their weight. Eep!

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Absolutely. At least four times, I sent my friend Mike something meant for my brother Michael. Realizing that listing their first names differently like that wasn’t enough of a clue, I finally had to change them to <Lastname>, Michael on each.

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Every once in a while I accidentally post something to Twitter instead of sending it to the person I meant to send it to. After a while with no response, I realize what happened and actually send it where it needs to go. No hilarious mistakes yet. But I’m sure it’ll happen some day.

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I do this when I don’t pay attention to who the last person was to text me. It’s rare nowadays.

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I texted someone with a false story talking shit about them. I tried to play it off, but the damage was done. But it was pretty damn funny in retrospect.

In the past, I have done this a few times when the text I’m writing has to do with someone… their name is on my mind, so I type it into the “contacts” box. Luckily, I almost always catch myself… except in the unfortunate case detailed above.

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@EmpressPixie – thanks for that link! That is a riot.

I have decided to text responsibly. The last mistake was last night after a few glasses of wine. And it was a winner! (slapping forehead)

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Haha all the time, I have learned to text without looking. So now when I text someone by accident they sometimes foward the message to them or text back and say “Wtf?! Look at what you are doing, you send me the message instead of sending it to _____.”
I have a few stories but I’m too embarrased to post them.

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Yup. A few years ago a guy I was into finally emailed me back. I meant to send a “he finally emailed!” text to a friend. I sent it to the guy. Whoopsie.

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Two days ago I texted my friend saying “I think you’d make a great mother.” and sent it to my other friend who is, of course, a guy. He was cool about it and we laughed it off but from now on I’ll make sure I know who I’m sending things to.

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i forget exactly what happened here, but one time i was with 2 of my friends. one of them was doing something annoying, but i cant remember, so i texted it to the other friend. except i typed friend #1’s number, who the message was about, and i used his name and all. he received the message, read it, didn’t say anything, and that was about as awkward a silence as it gets.

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