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Dare I ask one more Michael Jackson question? What about suicide? See details.

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) July 14th, 2009

I gotta tell ya, when I look at the video of his rehearsals for his (then) upcoming tour in Europe, I said to myself, “Actually, that stinks! That’s NOT MJ quality that I remember at all”. Do you think he may have thought that too and decided he can’t do this anymore, i.e., he was washed up as an entertainer?

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I wish you wouldn’t, but that is only me.

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He died from cardiac arrest. His recent physical exam for the insurance company showed no signs of heart disease and he was in EXCELLENT shape…it sounds like he was injected with something that could have caused his death.

Now, I don’t know about what was in MJ’s body when he died, but if it was something that was found in his home (like Diprivan)...well, you can’t inject that by yourself. He would have needed someone to assist him.

Oh, and let’s not forget, he was going on tour soon. The tickets were sold, everything was set…I don’t know. I just don’t think it was suicide

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It’s definitely possible and not that much of a far fetched idea, but I just don’t know. I think he was under so much pressure but… mmm. We will probably never know. Doesn’t do to dwell, we shall just mourn the passing of a great musician and move on.

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I wouldn’t be surprised, from some of the things I have read, he was in pretty poor shape, and his handlers could have been lying about his physical state of health. Look what happened to Elvis. His mental state was pretty broken up from all the accusations. Being mentally ill i.e. drepression, etc, can have a profound effect on your outlook of life.

I’m sad to see him gone, but now he has peace. No one is harassing him anymore. The world lost a great entertainer when he died, no matter how anyone felt about him personally.

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The focus is on drug abuse at this point which could have caused heart failure.

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If he deliberately took an extreme overdose to kill himself, that would be hidden by the drug abuse.

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It’s also important to remember he was 50, and probably not physically able to do what he could twenty + years ago.

and reports are surfacing that he was pretty damn drugged up most of the time. who knows how truthy that is though.

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