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Any similar movies such as Friday (1995)?

Asked by LanceVance (645points) July 14th, 2009

I’m looking for some easy-going movies, such as Friday .. motifs of suburbia, homies, weed, hanging out, etc.

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How High?
Who’s the Man?
Fear of a Black Hat
Dazed and Confused

All guaranteed to be what you’re looking for.

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Don’t forget the I believe 5 Cheech and Chong movies.
Half Baked
Pineapple Express
Grandma’s Boy

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Almost Famous
Beerfest (though more about beer than weed, still qualifies)
Outside Providence
Dude, Where’s My Car? (Though personally I thought that movie SUCKED)
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Superbad (more about partying/drinking in general, but damn funny)

That’s it, think I’m tapped out. I’ll do one more post to rank the top 5 all time funniest drug comedies for you and why they should be the next 5 movies you see.

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Yah, I watched Beerfest, wasn’t the type I like .. though I did have a fun time watching Superbad.

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Top five funniest drug comedies of all time (in my opinion):

Note – this list includes one I did not state above

5. Outside Providence – this is an overlooked gem, written by the Farelly Brothers who brought us Dumb and Dumber, Kingpin and There’s Something About Mary. This one follows the exploits of a young man whose father (played by Alec Baldwin) refers to him alternately as “Dildo” or “Assbag”, as he gets sent away to a strict private academy for his senior year in high school.. This transpires after he and his friends (including his best friend “Drugs” Delany) sneak his bong out of his bedroom, though almost don’t get past dad with it because it falls out of his jacket and dad wants to know what it is. So “Dildo” covers by saying it’s a horn and has to try to “play” it. They load it up and go out driving…the car is completely filled with smoke and they crash into a parked cop car. Hilarity ensues.

4. The Hangover – now, this one again would seem to be more about drinking, but really these guys get a little crazier than one would just from alcohol. Turns out one of them spiked the Jaegermesiter with what he thought was X, but turned out to be roofies. So, they wake up, not knowing where the groom is, one guy missing a tooth, a chicken and a tiger (Mike Tyson’s tiger, which they stole from his house nonetheless) wandering around the room, a chair is on fire, there’s a baby in the closet, they’ve got the Las Vegas Blvd sign sitting on a bar in front of an elaborately built stack of cans, the groom’s mattress is also missing and they have zero memory of what happened, and oh yeah, they seem to have lost their car, but they stole a police car. Of course, the mystery deepens when they go to get their car out of impound and a small, naked Asian man jumps out and beats them senseless with a crowbar.

3. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – If you like any of Kevin Smith’s work, this one pretty much is the crowing achievement for my money. I never thought he’d outdo Clerks, but this one was just appallingly over the top. I’d say this qualifies as Jay and Bob are stoners and dealers (when they get to LA they even show their Drug Dealer union card). The film is just wall to wall laughs, references to older movies, it skewers Hollywood, and it’s just a great road trip buddy movie. A favorite scene for me was when Jay and Silent Bob run into Jason Biggs, who is supposed to be playing Silent Bob in the unauthorized film adaptation of their lives (something Jay and Bob have gone to Hollywood to stop). Jay recognizes Jason, shakes his hand and says, “I know YOU. You’re the guy who fucked the PIE.” It was one of those movies where I couldn’t breathe through most of it I was laughing so hard.

2. CB4 – an oldie but a goodie, and VERY much what you are looking for. This one is essentially a few things…one, it is a fake biopic, kind of a faux rockumentary like Spinal Tap, only it’s a rapumentary, about a band called CB4, aka Cell Block 4. The documentarian is Chris Elliot and the piece band is composed of Chris Rock (MC Gusto), Allen Payne (Dead Mike), and Deezer D (Stab Master Arson). Basically the entire thing is based on the music of NWA, they parody several NWA classics like Straight Outta Compton, only they are not from Compton, they are from LoCash, so their version is “Straight Outta LoCash”. The lyrics being “Straight Outta LoCash, A crazy motherfucker named Gusto. I’ll fuck your wife cuz the bitch is a big ho. I’ll fuck your sister, I’ll fuck your cat. I would fuck your grandma but the bitch is too fat.” Of course we see the rise and fall and resurrection of the band. We see them all go their separate ways when one member becomes a militant member of the Nation of Islam, and now sings songs like “I’m black, y’all…and I’m black y’all….I’m blackety black and I’m black, y’all.” Phil Hartman plays the uptight politician who wants to ban their music, and Charlie Murphy plays the real “Gusto” (Rock stole his name because Gusto was in lockup and they figured he’d be unable to do something about it), and he’s not happy…at one point I believe he threatens to take someone’s woman and do her “froggy style”. One of my favorite scenes, before the formation of CB4 (an idea Rock springs on the other two at their favorite restaurant “Big Ass Biscuit”), Dead Mike is working at a gay male phone sex line, not really enjoying it though, you can hear the lack of enthusiasm in his voice as he tells the caller, “Yeah, I’m lickin’ yo balls…yeah man you got some biggity balls.”

and my all time favorite stoner movie, one which I doubt will EVER be topped.

1. Grandma’s Boy – Basically a co-production from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison team and the people who work in the Broken Lizard movies. This one is about a guy who is forced to move in with his Grandma Liily, played by Doris Roberts, aka Raymond’s mom on Everybody Loves Raymond, and her two friends, Grace, a woman who’s probably had more sex than everyone else in the movie put together (played by Shirley Jones), and Bea, their delusional friend who’s not quite with it these days. The best part of this film is when Alex (the main character) leaves the house to go to his job as a video game tester, and Grandma thinks his stash is some herb tea that their deceased friend left behind, so they brew it up….these old women are stoned off their asses, and Alex brings the whole gang by for one of the best party scenes ever. One of the best scenes, when Alex gets his drug dealer friend Dante to roll up a super joint with several types of potent weed, we get to see them rushing to save the day, of course they’re too stoned to drive themselves, so the let Dante’s pet monkey drive…they’re screaming “Drive Moneky Drive” while laughing their asses off. Seriously there’s so much funny stuff in this movie you’ll be lucky not to soil yourself.

If you’re into hilarious films about people who like to hang out with their buds and their “buds”, I guarantee you will love these.

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Don’t be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood

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@Tink1113 – how’d I spoil them? I didn’t give too much away, trust me, if you haven’t seen them, there’s plenty of stuff I didn’t even attempt to describe. Unless of course you’re just calling me a shitty reviewer, that could well be the case.

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@dalepetrie Yea youre a shitty reporter~
no I haven’t seen them yet.

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@Tink1113 – fair enough. We’ll see what you have to say after you see them though.

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@dalepetrie I was joking : P
Yeah I really wanted to see The Hangover

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The Big Lebowski.

It may not take place in the burbs (mostly), but it is in fact the greatest film of all time and belongs on your list and in your DVD player.

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Half Baked is where its at. You cant go wrong, but you gotta be baked while you watch it

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@deni – you don’t actually have to be baked while you watch it. I’ve never gotten baked, but I’ve been around enough people who were baked to appreciate drug humor. Just saying that because if one is not a smoker, it doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy the movie, though if you ARE a smoker, I do tend to believe that because mj makes people laugh at just about anything, it can’t possibly do anything but improve on one’s enjoyment of an already hilarious film.

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@dalepetrie well you are right of course, you dont have to be and its still funny. i’ve watched it both ways but i’ve enjoyed it a lot more after smoking. but thats a given lol

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I don’t smoke for a few of reasons…1, never felt like I needed it, so why bother, 2, I don’t like to inhale smoke, and 3, as a professional person (an accountant for 15 years), it could be damaging to my livelihood if I were ever caught or hit with a random drug test or something. Basically, if it ever becomes legal, or I find myself in a country where it is and I have he opportunity, I have no moral objections to it, and I’d sample it. I might even consider getting baked (I know which of my friends I’d invite over) and have a stoner movie marathon…I can only imagine how much fun that would be.

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similar to friday:

it;s a list of similar movies :) enjoy

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