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About SSD-RAID0 in a Win7 desktop. Any tips?

Asked by martijn86 (401points) July 22nd, 2009

Tomorrow ‘they’ will deliver my new desktop PC. It will have 2 60GB Vertex SSD’s, set up in RAID-0. Now a couple of questions come to mind when I think ahead.

1) Windows 7 is supposed to automaticly configure when SSD is detected. Will an extra build in traditional HDD ruin that automatic config? Is there a way I can check it?
2) SSD’s have limited writes and start to wear down. Now they’ll still be faster then the fastest HDD and in RAID0 they’ll wear down slower but.. is there a way to heal (or party heal) sectors? Like writing all zero’s?
3) Do you have any tips for such a config or am I missing some important points? Please let me know, I’m completely new to SSD’s and so is the current desktop PC world.

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I recommend you read that to learn all you really need to know about the engineering behind SSD’s. One major thing most people don’t know is that SSD’s get slower the fuller they get. This is partly because the way the OS writes data, but you’ll have to read the article to get all the details.

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1) No. They will be seperate. And if the SSD’s are not set up automatically then you can do it yourself via the BIOS

2) The rate of which they wear down is not much, should last you a reasonably long time so I wouldn’t worry about it. This limited read/write cycles thing is quite overhyped…

3) Raid 0 running consumer applications does not give much of a speed increase. I’d spend on of the drives money on a bigger data drive.


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@AskBlam Thanks, but on the speed thing. It’s for a video editing system and when I edit full HD (or even 4K) in realtime I need very fast caching on the system drive.

But I have the system, odd thing is that the traditional drive that came with my new pc, for the data, already gave up. Seagate Barracuda 2 Died within a month! The SSD system is running very very snappy, editing is without pauzing and rendering, no waiting times of what so every. Perfect! :D

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