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What do you think is the best technique for wet/dry electric shaving?

Asked by killertofu (115points) July 22nd, 2009

I recently got a Panasonic wet/dry electric shaver. What do you think is the best way to shave wet or dry. I have thick hair and am prone to ingrowns.

Whats the best way to wet shave and dry shave? Preshave oil good for both? Tell me as if I were new to shaving so I can get it down to the basics :)

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I’m confused by the question. Are you asking about the best way to shave with an electric shaver or a razor or in general?

If you were new to shaving I would say this:

Don’t use an electric shaver, they’ve never given me a good shave.

That said, I don’t think preshave oil is a good idea with an electric shaver unless you have a good way to clean the blades off and prevent cloggin. I suppose if the shaver can run wet this won’t be a problem and could add to the closeness of a shave.

Ingrown hairs are generally caused by shaving directly against the grain. Make sure you shave with or across the grain. Generally a first shave would be done with the grain (in the direction the hairs lie down). A second shave can be done across for extra closeness. Make sure not to double back as you shave, cause this could be contributing to ingrown hairs. Be extra careful on the neck and chin. Grains get messy in these areas.

Get a nice moisturizing after shave.

That’s about it. Good luck.

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I agree with @swuesquire. I have tried some goods ones, but I have never been pleased with the results from an electric shaver. It just doesn’t compare to the clean shave you get with a razor.

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Personally what I would recommend is a wet shave with a double edge razor. Start with a hot shower then Geo F Trumpers rose shaving cream applied with a shaving brush and finish with a swipe of an alum bloc. Never shave against the grain and take short strokes so you can adjust the razor to the shape of your face.

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I agree with Lightlyseared, but will make it even easier. Gillette’s Mach 3 is extremely easy to come by and will give you an excellent shave (blades beyond 3 mean nothing!). The only problem I have with disposable blades is that the ones like the Mach 3 are relatively expensive and don’t work well if you’ve let your beard go for a few days. If you want cheaper blades, you can pay a little bit more up front and get a double edge razor. I’ve found that they give a pretty good shave, though not as good as a multiblader like the Mach 3. Sometimes double side blades are hard to find, but they are generally available at chain drug stores. These have the same problem with longer whiskers. Also, I don’t know if you have children in the house or what, but you could have a safety hazard with the blades.

To work on your shaving technique (and if you’re willing to try a non electric) I strongly recommend just getting the mach 3 until you can get a nice close shave. Then, do your research and see if a nicer razor is necessary for you.

Maybe you will end up with a straight razor some day. Who knows?

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I find multi blade razors shave too close, even when shaving with the grain of the beard. The rubber bumper actually pulls hairs out slightly meaning that when the blades pass they cut below the level of the skin meaning red bumps ingrown hairs et al.

An old fashioned double edge is much gentler on your skin and is actually pretty easy to use. Also the blades are a lot cheaper meaning you can spend the money on other (more fun) stuff.

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Double edged blades definitely hit the pricing sweet spot. They’re what, like five bucks for a pack of ten? Somewhere in that ball park. Versus, what 20 buck for 8 cartridge heads on a good day?

I’d not heard that about the multi blades, but it makes sense.

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