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What are the options when it comes to electric shavers?

Asked by timtrueman (5751points) January 1st, 2010

Men (and women with facial hair), what electric shavers have you tried and what did you think of them? Are more expensive ones worth it? Or would you recommend sticking to the old-fashioned way?

I’ll admit I’m a little lazy about shaving because my electric shaver is old and pulls hair our more often than it cuts them and there’s no mirror over the sink—it’s behind the sink (?!). Fortunately facial hair seems to be a popular choice in SF but if it gets too long it gets itchy for me.

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I like my Norelco. They have more expensive models, so I chose the least expensive one that shares the same shaving head with the more expensive ones. I really have no complaints. Quiet, easy to clean, effective, comfortable, long use on a short charge.

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I’ve been shaving longer than I’ll admit here, and I’ve tried everything, including many brands of electric razors. I like a VERY close shave, which no electric razor has ever given me. For the past two years I’ve used a Gillette Fusion razor (uses a AA battery) and Jack Black Beard Lube. I’ve never used anything better than these two products. (Yes, the blades for the razor are criminally expensive, but for me, it’s it’s worth every penny.)

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I’ve never tried an electric shaver before. I always used mach 3.

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Braun…no question. Their features are awesome, and the cleaning system keeps them working for many years…had the same 5-series model for about 6 years now, and not a single problem with daily use; running on same rechargeable battery, and have only needed to replace the foil and blades once a year. The self-contained cleaning system works to keep it in brand-new condition every time, and I think the 7-series can run in water (like use in the shower); the cleaning system lasts about 2 months per cartridge, and cartridges can be had at big box for 10 bucks for a 2-pack. No shaving cream, no cuts, shaves very close. No disposable razors, no lube, and well worth the money IMO.

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I prefer a beard trimmer to an electric shaver, because I’m not fond of a super close shave. As you said, you’re a little lazy about shaving, so you might want to go this route as well. I usually use Wahl brand trimmers, which are much cheaper than most electric shavers.

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@sndfreQ I liked the shaving results that I got with a Braun, but I found it to be very delicate and hard to maintain. Also, I found the cleaning system to be messy. (With the Norelco you just flip open the top and rinse it in hot water.) Perhaps I was just harder on mine than you are on yours.

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@pdworkin I must have a defect Norelco because it pulls hairs out more often than it cuts them. And it refuses to get some hairs so I usually have to go back and use a real razor aftewards.

@sndfreQ Are expensive ones like this worth it?

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That might be a good option actually…

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@timtrueman I’m sure shaving is a very individual matter. It probably just doesn’t work on your beard and your skin.

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@pdworkin The Braun I have, the series-5 is self-contained. It is self-cleaning, has a base that you simply drop the shaver into in an inverted fashion, and then press a button that initiates the cleaning cycle (it’s fully automated). I never have to touch or open the compartment that houses the blades to clean.

It’s been very robust, and I take it on trips all the time (it has a portable charger and case that allows you to take it with you without the cleaning base station). Worth the extra money upfront IMO. I paid about $115 new, and it has lasted for 6 years without a single issue. Change the blades about once a year ($40 for the foil and blade set), and change the cleaning tanks once every two months ($10 each change). So about $115 for the unit, and $100 per year for ongoing maintenance. Averages to about $8.50 per month after the purchase, and about $1.50 per month over the lifetime of the unit for the shaver itself.

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@timtrueman the link is broken…if you go on Braun’s website, they have the product line there; I have a 5-series (model 7575 I think), but that model may no longer be in production. Any of the newer ones would suffice I imagine.

Oh, and the foil/blade replacement was $40 for two sets of foils/blades…I forgot about that.

This is the closest model to what I have. You want the sets that include the base station/cleaner, rather than having to purchase that separately.

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There are those that buzz & those that whir—reciprocating & rotary.

Personally the buzzers drive me crazy. I’ve used mainly Norelcos lo these many decades w/ no major complaints. The impression that rotaries outperform buzzers is reinforced every now & then when when I switch to a buzzer I keep as a backup.

About the only time a Norelco pulls hairs is when the battery is almost empty causing motor speed to drop. Any kind of razor with worn cutting surfaces will also pull.

It obviously also depends on your individual skin & beard conditions, and whether or not an incessant low-frequency buzzing in your ear might turn you into a homicidal maniac…

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I would carefully read the negative reviews on Amazon about that razor. I just did, and I dropped all ideas about trying one.

To be fair to @sndfreQ, almost every review does laud the older models, like his.

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Yeah, I think for the newer models, maybe there are “too many” bells and whistles for their own good. I think there is a difference in build quality in the “middle of the road” models versus the higher-end ones.

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They are an expensive waste of time. I get the best shave with a straight razor because it requires skill and takes time to use and anything you do skillfully and carefully you will do better.

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