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Glossy or matte display on a MacBook Pro for a graphic artist?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) January 7th, 2008

I will be using a Macbook Pro to do my graphics work as a freelancer, and need the greatest colour clarity possible. Should I choose to have a glossy or matt finish display on my Macbook Pro (I’m soon to place an order for it)?

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both are high res and while the glossy has the apparent perception of blacker blacks, most graphics pros go with matte.

The glare from the highly reflective glossy surface is a big turn-off in most working environments; unless you plan on doing gaming or watching movies there’s no inherent advantage to going with the glossy.

If your graphics work entales print then you’ll probably want to get a screen calibrator to optimize accuracy for printing proofs and your specific lighting conditions. Otherwise web graphics shouldn’t be a problem for either display choice.

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matte seems to be the go-to option for graphics professionals. Stick with that.

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If you’ve trained your eye to give you a reasonable approximation of color on a laptop over the last few years, you would have been “calibrating” yourself on a matte display. You might want to stick with that, unless you have the time to spend getting your color perception dialed in again on the new display. Also, I’m not dead certain, but I don’t think Photoshop has calibration profiles for the glossy displays yet. You might want to check, if it’s going to be a consideration.

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I use matte. 17” MBP.

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I have a macbook matte and a 17” studio display matte…I recently bought a 24” iMac and wanted matte but they only came gloss. It took a little getting used to, but I have a low glare set up. I like its contrast & color rendering better. I do photography & graphic design on it. Being that you will be getting a MacBook, you will be mobile & in forever changing light conditions so gloss might become annoying. Your best bet would be matte in my opinion.

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matte definitely.

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these guys are selling a screen protector that turns the glossy macbook screen into a matte one. it says its removable, so you can swing both ways.

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