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Is there a safe place to park my bicycle at the 77th Street 6-train subway station in NYC?

Asked by jz1220 (824points) January 7th, 2008

I’m going to be living 3.5 avenues away from the station, which is quite a walk. I was thinking of riding my bike to the station in the morning for work, and then riding it back to my apartment after work. I’m not in NYC now so I can’t see for myself… any help/suggestions appreciated.

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East or West side?. Between which avenues? On 77th street itself?

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Sorry for not clarifying. I meant the 6-train station on 77th and Lexington, so the East side. I would be walking from/to 77th, between 1st Ave and York.

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You might want to try contacting the New York Bicycling Coalition. Their email is
they have a great website with lots of biking resources for New Yorkers. One of their staff or volunteers may have ideas about safely locking your bike in that location. Also, once you live in NYC for a while you might begin to view 3.5 avenues as a more manageable distance to walk, since people new to NYC quickly get used to how much walking New Yorkers do—often a few miles a day! Either way, the NYBC website might be helpful for other issues that might come up as a bicyclist in NYC. Good luck, and enjoy the city!

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to be honest, there’s no such thing as a safe public place to lock a bike in NYC. lock the frame and someone takes your wheels. lock the frame and wheels and someone takes your seat. etc. you can lock your bike for an hour or two while you’re in a store or a friend’s house, but any longer and you’re going to run into trouble.

I think occ (who happens to be my sister) has the right idea, which is that you should either give up on the bike and walk to/from the subway, or maybe try giving up on the subway and biking the whole way! even if you’re coming from brooklyn or queens, biking can actually be faster than the subway once you figure out the best routes.

for example, last summer I did park slope to the upper west side a number of times on my bicycle and it was 45 to 60 minutes, same as the subway…

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Thanks for the frank comments and suggestions, SC. I was hoping that the Yorkville section of the Upper East Side would be less prone to bike theft, but I guess I shouldn’t count on it. I’ll follow your sister’s suggestion as well, and contact the NYBC.

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I lived at 201 E 77th street when my kids were 4 and 10. We considered a walk to the subway station or the bus on 5th Ave as nothing. I would agree with SC…the only idea that comes to mind is tipping the doorman at a nearby apt house where you could leave the bike, but it would be cheaper to take a taxi to work.

We used to walk from our apt to the Town School at 76th and EE Ave. and back every school day.. Even the four year old found it routine. (And in those days I did it in high heels.) Where’s work?

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Kudos for walking that walk in heels! 3.5 aves seem like a lot to me, probably because last year, I lived in a building that sat on top of the station. There was no walk to the station, just take the elevator and step out the door. I was pretty spoiled.

Work is 25th and 5th, a good 4 miles from home.

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You’ll get used to the walk to the subway station…clock it w. a pedometer some time. It’s a relatively short walk and good exercise if you are going to be sitting at a desk or computer most of the day. The 5th ave bus is fun, but much slower.

But biking 8 miles on a nice day seems easy…except for all the exhaust fumes. You COULD wear your gas mask. And it is true, NYC drivers are not kind to guys on bikes. So choose your poison. But, seriously, I hope that you have a wonderful time in Yorkville and surrounds. I loved living in the ‘hood.

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