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In your opinion: what is better quality, a play station 2 or a xbox 360?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) July 23rd, 2009

I’m not interested in a PS3, but I’m leaning more toward getting the PS2 than the xbox 360 because I heard you get the ring of fire in like a year, and I’ve owned Play Stations before and they last FOREVER my PS1 mini still works and I love it! Anyways what are your guys’ opinions on what are better quality, and does the xbox play DVDs and CDs?

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I had the R.O.D. as well, sent it back to Microsoft and received a fixed machine in about a week. Microsoft admitted to the problem and vowed to fix it free of charge.

PS3 is a crappier XBOX that just happens to have a blu ray player…not impressed. Example in my college dorm we had both systems with an equal amount of game between them and I think we turned the PS3 on about 4 times a semester…

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I’d go with PS2. I have no reason for this other than I know Playstations better and the games.

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Ive had my 360 since the day they came out and ive never ROD’d.

just sayin

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Well, you’re obviously not going to be playing new games on a PS2.

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Also, why don’t you want a PS3?

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The ring of death thing was only really a problem with the early release consoles; it’s not really worth worrying about if you are getting a new Xbox now.

There is no reason to expect Xbox to have better game concepts than PS2, but it will have much better graphics, AI, environmental complexity; everything in the mechanics of the games will be much better, and that is worth a lot. Plus, as @Ivan pointed out, new games are coming out for the 360 all the time, while with the PS2, what you see is what you get. And of course, for around $50 per year, you can play games online with people around the world, which massively increases the gaming experience.

The 360 plays DVDs; I use it exclusively as my DVD player, and it reads discs better than my (admittedly old) dedicated player. If you buy an external drive for about $50, you can also play HD DVDs (although Blu ray pretty much won, right?) I am almost certain it plays CDs, and you can store music on the Xbox hard drive and play it through your TV, along with any other media you care to download through Microsoft (at a price, of course).

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Yeah, HD DVD has been discontinued. Microsoft even gave refunds to anyone who bought the HD DVD drive.

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I would have to say 360. But of course. After all the years I got the Red Ring of Death. Almost all my friends that have 360s have gotten it and my time was coming. If you want a fun time and want to play with really awesome people then get a 360. As for quality a 360 looks amazing as long as you are playing with a good tv and if the game is high quality.

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I’ve had my 360 for two years and no red ring. Get the 360 and get LIVE with it to. It’s snazy.

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I have yet to upgrade from my PS 2, I’d like to try an XBOX, simply because of the greater variety of games, but they are still too expensive. Maybe a PS3 someday, but not until they get cheaper, and there are more games I’d like to play. I could afford both if I didn’t have to pay proerty taxes.

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The 360 is better in terms of graphic quality and the ability to play games with friends online (if you pay Microsoft their yearly fee, which I don’t). As well, you get to play the newest and coolest games, which are very rarely released for PS2. Don’t be worried about the red rings, they’ve fixed a lot of it and still have replacement programs for if it occurs.

On the other hand, the PS2 is a very very reliable console, the game library is massive (and compatible with PS1 games too), the SDK is well known thus the few developers still making games for it are able to squeeze all the power out of the console and make great results, and the system is less expensive overall.

Both consoles play CDs and DVDs, I believe the Xbox lets you rip your CDs and play the music while in a game so that’s pretty cool.

What would I recommend? Both! That’s what I have. I tend to play the 360 more, but the PS2 is a valuable addition in my console library (as well, I have a Wii). I use it for playing DDR as I have a ton of PS1 and 2 DDR games, I also use it to play my extensive PS1/2 game collection whenever I feel nostalgic. But if you were to purchase only one, I would recommend buying the Xbox 360 new (so that you get the warranty) and later on buying a used or new PS2 if you really want it.

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It all depends on what you want to do. If you’re a casual gamer and don’t play too much and are simply upgrading from a PS1… anything will do.

I would say get an XBOX 360 even with the red ring of death affecting mine (yes, it was fixed free though) and controllers failing, batteries failing, chargers failing, and pay-to-play online… there are some things that irk me about the system… but then again I played the hell out of my xbox for 2 years so it doesn’t surprise me too much (although my PS3 and PS2 have worked fine for years)

The XBOX 360 will do more and doesn’t cost a great deal more, but if you don’t really care about all the bells and whistles of the newer machines, just save your money and get a PS2.

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@casheroo I don’t want a PS3 I want a PS2 or maybe a Xbox 360, actually no I made up my mind I wan’t a PS2.

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to tell you guys the truth, I’m not a hardcore gamer or anything, I basically want to get a PS2 just to play guitar hero and probably crash bandacoot (I grew up with Crash Bandacoot and I LOVE it) thats why I don’t want to pay $400 for a Xbox or PS3, I’m fine paying $100 for a older console such as the PS2.

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@desiree333 You seem like you had your mind made up prior to asking this question. Why ask then?

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@uberbatman No I didn’t have my mind made up before I asked this question. I asked hoping to get people’s own personal opinions. I wanted to hear the positives and negatives on both products instead of just getting the positives of both the PS3 and the Xbox360 on the companies’ websites.

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You could find a used early PS3 that has PS2 emulation and get the best of both worlds! That’s what I have and it was very easy to copy my memory card over (adapter needed, but just once, see if you can borrow it).

Worth a look depending on you budget. If you are in the $100 range though, go with the PS2.

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