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How much should I charge for a used iPhone 3G?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) July 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

I want to buy the new iPhone 3G S but I want to sell my current iPhone. It’s black, in very good condition (no scratches except a few tiny tiny ones on the metal chrome), 8 GBs and not unlocked. How much would be a good price for it? Thanks

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The iPhone 3G with 8GB of memory goes for $100 new with a 2 year contract. A pristine iPhone that has been previously used maybe goes for $50.

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Unlock it and you could probably get $150 for it. Especially if the other person is on t mobile.

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@willbrawn ok maybe I’ll unlock it.
@The_Compassionate_Heretic are you sure it’s worth only 50$ ? Remember, the person buying it wouldn’t need to be under a contract

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@TheCreative That is a good point. I wasn’t thinking of the $200 discount AT&T gives their customers for signing a 2 year contract.

I light of that, @willbrawn ‘s mark of $150 is reasonable to ask for. I don’t think it’s your responsibility to unlock it though. If someone wants to do that, it’s probably safest for you to just sell the phone as is and let them jailbreak it on their own.

That whole debate is in legal limbo right now.

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I wouldn’t unlock it because someone might not want that. If you know how to unlock it, you could offer that “service” to your buyer.

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