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Are the developers of Flash really this stupid?

Asked by bluemukaki (4327points) July 24th, 2009

So I’m working in Flash CS4 with the ‘Bone Tool’, and I am trying to edit the points on the ‘skin’ a character (actually just a vector shape) which each joint of the armature is affecting. My issue is that the shapes are quite complex and I need to connect to many points which are close to other points.

Here’s my issue: Zoomed out I can’t see the finer details and which point is which, but when I zoom in, the markers on the line scale to the same degree as the vector shape behind it, effectively negating the point of zooming in in the first place to edit smaller details because the markers cover all the detail on the line.

My question is this: were the developers of Flash really that stupid when they made this feature, or am I missing something?

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I was shown something on this. If I can find it before a guru answers you I will get back to you.

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