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Is it legal to own a peacock in california?

Asked by opb (44points) July 24th, 2009

that’s it. saw someone post that they want to give one away. seemed insane to me…and cruel to have a bird this size in a back yard. Is it illegal or just cruel?

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I don’t think so… most states require an exotic animal permit to own one legally, which depending on the state can be a bitch to get, so often people can find ways around the system.

now don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure peacock’s are legal in most states lol… if you’re wondering though, my brother’s a park ranger, and this is the kind of crap he drawls on about all day so it kind of rubs off.

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okay i just love this question
if it isn’t, it should be

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Illegal maybe but cruel I don’t think so…

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Small note, peacock refers to the male. Peahen refers to the female. Peafowl refers to either gender

Cruelty would depend on the situation.
Out where I live, one of my neighbors raises emus on his property (has a business for it). There are also plenty of cattle, horses, turkey and chickens.
As far as diet, peafowl would do fine. They’re omnivorous, they’ll eat grains, berries, bugs, reptiles. As far as weather, I believe they can acclimate fairly well to Californian weather (of course depending on how north/south and inland you are).

The big question in the cruelty factor is the backyard. I’ve got a 4-acre yard, most of my neighbors have near that if not more. But I know just 2 miles down the road is typical suburbia with a backyard even a dachsund would get bored with.

Legality? I doubt they’re illegal. Even if they are, who’s gonna report you for having peafowl?

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@Sarcasm really it’s peahen? wow i never knew that

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Most of CA’s bird laws pertain to birds of prey, but I did find this: ”ยง 3505. Taking, Sale or Purchase of Aigrettes and Other Specified Birds: It is unlawful to take, sell, or purchase any aigrette or egret, osprey, bird of paradise, goura, numidi, or any part of such a bird.” Doesn’t mention peacocks specifically, but maybe they are covered in a different statute. That’s from here.

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In our neighborhood, they run free, and even attack people walking down the street. They decide who they live with, and whose yard they will foul up. We don’t have them on our block because my next door neighbor feeds feral cats.

There are also wild turkeys which have the run of the area, and they often chase the peafowl away. Here is a youtube view of what you could see on a walk around my neighborhood.

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I think so. Mine’s not much bigger than a pea and no one’s arrested me.

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Peacocks are legal in California, and make great watch-dogs (except the catching frisbee’s part)

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I think it’ s legal I had McMurray hatchery catalog and it sold peacock eggs and chicks along with swan eggs and chicks, and duck eggs for people who want to raise them.

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