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Should I tip my dog's boarding kennel?

Asked by redrat17 (4points) July 27th, 2009

The kennel where my wife and I board our dog is fairly expensive, but when we pay for boarding the credit card receipt has a line for leaving a tip, like at a restaurant. The kennel also provides grooming services, and the tip line could just be for that. But I’m wondering if I should be tipping the kennel when we board the dog. Anyone know the etiquette on this sort of thing?


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Never heard of that before! Maybe you could make a few donations of dog food?? Maybe the tips are for the workers? It could be their machine is a salvaged one from an old restaurant? I’d ask them what are the tips for? If its just for the kennel then I’d say no, as you have stated it is rather expensive already, and surely the fees should cover any outgoings the kennel has. If its for the staff, who take care of your dog or a charity then maybe, I’d consider a tip, depending on how happy my dog is when I drop it off and pick it up, if its unhappy its unlikely I’d be using them again so a tiop would be out of the question anyway.

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If there were one paticular kennel tec who took paticularly good care of your dog then go ahead, but gust the general staff? No way. (I’d do the tip in cash anyway if I did tip them. No need for the poor kid to have to share it or pay taxes on it.
In the year my son was a kennel tec he got one tip.

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I don’t know if there is kennel etiquette, but I think tipping anyone who goes above and beyond their normal duties deserves a tip. If you feel they did that, then tip. If not, then don’t.

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There is a tip line just because of the type of credit card processing they use. No tipping is required especially at the prices they charge these days.

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I work at a daycare facility for dogs. We also provide grooming and bathing. The tip is suppose to be for the groomer or the bather. If you’re not getting any of these services, you’re not expected to tip.

But let me tell you, as a groomer, I always appreciate a tip from my clients, especially when their dog was not particularly fond of the the whole grooming procedure. Some dogs are just harder to work on then others.

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My place has the same thing…only ours has a doggy taxi service, shiatsu and hydro-massage for the pups… scheduled excersize times… food variety according to each dog’s eating habits and sensibilities… the works. They may only expect a tip for the groomers.. but these people take care of my babies… and since it’s not a one time thing (all the employees know and love my dogs) i tip every time. My pups are worth it… and they get rock-star treatment.

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At the kennel I work at we are forbidden to accept monetary tips. Now, chocolate? That’s a different matter entirely…

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Everyone wants a tip nowadays. They’re at every bleeding counter! I saw one at the Dry Cleaner’s the DRY CLEANER’S what the hell?

Anyway, if you liked their services and feel it was worth more than you already paid, then by all means tip your little heart out. I’m a huge over tipper, but only in circumstances where I feel it is deserved.

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Do you tip your Doctor or the hospital staff?

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@gailcalled considering my current wage (free medical service is not a great way to grow a bank account) a gratuity now and then might be appreciated (at least for the 2 weeks i have left).

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@Dr. C; Why free and why finished? My Family Practioner, beloved here, closed his practice and left 1600 people at sea, including me. The insurance, bureacratic hassle and loss of pleasure in his profession drove him to work as a locum tenens at various hospitals in the New England area.

He seems content and was spotted by my sister at her Tai Chi class recently.

It is downheartening.

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@gailcalled i chose to provide free medical service for a period of time as a way of giving back to the community. No salary no nothing. The time frame i gave myself and the clinic is up as of August 7th.

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@Dr_C: Are you returning to a traditional practice? Good karma awaits you for your work at the clinic. (What kind of Dr. are you?)

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@gailcalled GP for now… will try for a surgical residence so i can get into reconstructive surgery.. i want to work with burn victims.. disfigured kids… stuff like that. Will be taking a break for a little under a month before resuming traditional practice and cramming for residency exams.

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@Dr_C : I hope you can build some armor around your heart. Good luck to you and your compassionate soul.

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