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How do I de-encrypt an email?

Asked by seekingwolf (10410points) July 27th, 2009

I received an email from someone and it’s obviously encrypted somehow. I think I know the key to de-encrypt it so that’s not my issue. I just don’t know how to de-encrypt. What program do I use? I have no idea what program they used.

And no, I can’t contact them and ask them what program they used. I just can’t. To make a long story short…well, no.

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We’d have to guess or figure out what they used to encrypt it. If it’s PGP, it generally says so in the body – read the garbage and headers and see if it doesn’t say what it was encrypted with. It’s not just a MIME attachment, is it? What email software are you using?

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I’ve read the garbage and the headers but I’m still not getting any info.

I consulted with some geeky friends and they worked on it for hours and were unable to decode or decrypt it.

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Sounds like there’s no clue to work from, especially if you are just describing it. You’d need to show the actual data to someone, like you did with your geeky friends. Or, just give up.

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I suppose I’ll just look around for some more answers…I’m going to ask another programming guru. I don’t think Fluther was the right place to ask. :( My bad.

Thanks for your help though!

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