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Does anyone think that there should be vehicles on the new CoD MW2?

Asked by campbell_rfc (3points) July 28th, 2009

Xbox360 Owners, CoDfans should all be in this discussion

How fun would it be to drive around in a humvee with your mates while 1 of them are blasting your enemys with a 50cal machine gun or even blowing a hole in large tower 2 get rid of a pesky sniper?.... Im talking about Xbox360 and online.

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i don’t think so, i mean, the game play is just so awesome with out it, but you do ride the snow mobile, and in cod 4 MW, you did pilot a helicopter… so thats kinda close right?

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thats true but again im talkin bout multi-player and i think it wud be a cool idea if it had modes with and without vehicles then dat wud suit every1

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As long as the vehicles were kept in seperate modes, like you said, I would be totally cool with it. The only problem I see with this is all the 12 year old halo kids (nothing against halo, its a personal favorite of mine) would come in and ruin it for everyone by whoring all the powerful vehicles.

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oh @CodexNecro if i could give you more than one great answer i would.

I think the air strike and helicopter are enough to satisfy my call for vehicles. plus they would have to build maps to better fit vehicles… what map that they have now do you think they could do so? none. I like the fact that the maps are small, intense and actually life like. (more so than any other.)

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@Kiev749, thank you, good sir.

Like I said, seperate modes for that. I definitely hear you on the intensity and realism, those reasons are why I loved MW1.

Some people may hate me for saying this, but I think Battlefield 1943 is handling something like this fairly well. If you get a halfway decent team, the strategically placed vehicles make for an awesome and very intense match. If you have a really good team, you’ve got two planes getting your back from the sky and I love it.

All in all, CoD and BF1943 have their own unique styles, and I think MW2 would be best without vehicles if infinity ward can’t come up with a near perfect system to incorporate them.

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true true it wud be good as i said 2 have modes with and without vehicles and if ur guna have vehicles y not have destructable envirioments aswell whoevers played Red Faction:Guerilla then they`ll know what im talkin bout

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In theory it’s good, but good sequels are good sequels because they stick to the good parts of the first game and expand on what made it good. Plenty of sequels have messed up by trying to do too much and forgetting what made the first game great.

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@Resonantscythe, I agree.

This isn’t something that video games suffer from alone, see: Transformers 2.

The first film wasn’t perfect, it suffered from mediocre acting (honestly, what is megan fox if not just eye candy?), campy special effects, and a game that was just awful.

The special effects, while they were a bit out there and left me wondering why, if the autobots were meant to save the humans, they felt the need to basically do cartwheels along a packed interstate, still had a flow. You could still follow what was happening on screen.

The story also felt like a transformers movie to me, which is where the second film became a total quagmire. Megan fox’s part became nothing but an on-screen lapdance, there were so many new robots, I couldn’t even tell you who most of them were and what they added to the plot. And, speaking of a plot, what was it again?

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@CodexNecro Old guy(megatrons boss) wants to get kids off his lawn(kids-the earth lawn-existance)

Seriously, think about it.

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@Resonantscythe, so I’m guessing ROTF is your favorite movie ever?

Michael bay demands things to be AWESOME.

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No not really. Michael bay more wants things to b- (Sythe gets blown up)

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No way, that would completely ruin the game.

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I think it would be great online. That was one of the aspects I loved about Cod3. My buddies would just get together in a half track and shoot up some people. I care too much for tanks though.

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i think it would be sweet if it was only in some core modes, and they should be able to blow up easier, because with the cod 5 tanks some noobs just stay in a tank the whole time and go 20–0.

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@iAManEXPERT I have done that several times but that doesn’t make me a noob. I honestly hate the tanks but I just wish we could have some half tracks. They are what made CoD 3 so awesome. It is still my favorite out of all of them.

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