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Where can I get PS2 Madden 08 roster updates for either the upcoming seasons or last season?

Asked by theichibun (2237points) July 28th, 2009

I’m a Falcons fan and want to have Matt Ryan as my quarterback. The newest roster updates I could find online had Chris Redman, Joey Harrington, and the rest from that dreadful season between Vick and Ryan.

I know I can create players and make trades to get the rosters updated, but if someone has already done that then using theirs would be a lot easier.

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I dont know if you can do a roster update for 08. There are not a lot of update options that i am aware of for a PS2. I do play madden and NCAA but i do not know of any option. The best bet would be to find a person that has a updated roster that they manually did and get that one. Or just do what i do and buy the newest version.
IF you have a PC the rosters can update as i did that for 06 to 08 Madden.

Hope this helps.

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In the old days, you would go online and download them. You have to have the network adapter though, obviously.

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