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Does anyone else agree that Final Fantasy 12 was an incredible game?

Asked by travistotz (123points) August 11th, 2007

Just wondering what other people thought of Final Fantasy 12 - I finally put the pedal to the metal and beat the game. So I guess I loved it, and was just wondering what people liked/disliked?

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Hmm, never played it but was a huge fan of the series. I thought FFX was simply amazing (albeit a little short)

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hm, what interesting timing, seeing this question. i was debating whether to get this ffXII or kingdom hearts to satiate my rpg craving at this time. i still haven't made a decision.

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Yeah I also loved FF X, another incredible RPG. @ LesPierreCustom, I would definitely recommend FFXII over Kingdom Hearts, but thats just an opinion - FFXII definitely satisfied my RPG desires!

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I don’t have a PS2, so I never play it. I’ll buy it soon to play this game. It’s looks very interesting, I have seen a bunch of this game video on YouTube and I am very interested. If you like FFXII, try FFXII : Revenant Wings on DS. I hope too that there is a way to play PS2 game on PSP.

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The story was a little complex and hard to follow and got boring at points but only because there were a whole lot of side quests and stuff to keep you busy like charts and hunts… i think it was great and played like a mmorpg…without the multiplayer-online part…so it was just massively rpg XD!

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