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How do you open a Firefox browser window without toolbars (such as in some popups)?

Asked by erniefernandez (556points) July 28th, 2009 from IM

I would like to open stand-alone windows for certain websites I’m always on without toolbars, since I have very little screen real-estate on my Eee PC. Many popups open browser windows with just the title bar. I want to do this myself! How?

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You might be interested in checking out the firefox extention Prism . It basically does exactly what you describe. You can treat a website as an “application” that will run in a firefox window without any address bar or toolbars.

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If you press F11, it’ll enter a full-screen mode without toolbars (If you hold your mouse at the top, toolbars and tabs will appear after a few seconds).

I don’t know about any more sophisticated way to do what you want.

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@Sarcasm – Dang it, you beat me.

Hitting F11 again will restore the bars if you need them.

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f11 ftw

On my EeePC, I use Tiny Menu and condense everything down into one toolbar. I also remove the status bar for a few more pixels of real estate.

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I think you want to sometimes open up only certain websites in a toolbar less environment.
How about creating your own popups?
Have a look at these two websites:

Hope it helps

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It’s very simple with a bit of HTML and Javascript. This site contains all the code you would need. You simply have to make up a page with links to your favorite sites, then wire it up so that each link pops open via the Javascript listed on that page. All the popup attributes (size, bar visibilities, etc) are controlled through parameters inside the Javascript call, these are all explained on that same site. Let me know if you need more guidance on how to do it, it’s actually very simple if you know HTML.

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