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What is your favorite web application?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) July 29th, 2009

Of course Facebook and Twitter are hugely popular right now, but I’m looking for something under the radar right now. Is there a web application you use all the time and can’t live without? Please give URL and description.

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Before it was called ‘search in the internet for answers’, but now its ‘Google for it’

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Google Calendar ( I live with 3 other people, and it’s the Best Thing Ever for scheduling our busy lives!

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Get all my tech and social media news in one place instead of visiting 20 sites.

Apply Google Redesigned from for a nice experience.

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along the lines of the google theme, Google Maps is something I use almost every few hours, to check locations, make sure I’m clear in my head where I need to go that day and how long it will take me to get there (roughly). Helps plan a busy day and makes me so much surer in my own head about how I can make the most of time.

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Let’s not forget Google Documents, but that’s not exactly ‘under the radar’. If you’re looking for a cloud computing image editor, SUMO Paint is pretty good. Try making a web app out of them with Google Chrome

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Fluther and Gmail- I have it synchronizing all my email accounts. This thread is sounding like a Google commercial

Welcome to Fluther @sonic232 @NerdRageIT @rajivvishwa @erichw1504

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Pandora, hands down. I know some people bag on it for playlists becoming stale after a while, but I still think its the best app out there. Number 2 would be google maps though.

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Welcome @Quogg!

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I’m pretty fond of this thing called Fluther.

Oh yeah, and porn. It’s pretty big on the internet.

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As of right now, it’s Fluther.

Also, whoa at the number of newcomers here. We need to organise a welcoming committee now

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Gmail, Google chat, Google Earth, and It sez in the morning papers that Microschlock and Yankfoo have finally agreed on terms for an alliance. If they think the two of them together will suck less than they do separately – let alone be good enough to take on Google – dump your stock now.

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Hmm… “under the radar”? Here’s some interesting less known ones that you should give a look:
Nice easy screen video/audio capture that stores everything online and is easy to share with others
great presentation tool (use this instead of powerpoint to get some oohs and ahs)
fun place to easily make animations

NoCatharsis's avatar for impulse buys. for to-do lists to waste time (and find cool new things) to improve life or for finances

Google Chrome to access all of it (sorry Firefox, Chrome’s just so awesome). for alternatives to all of the applications mentioned on this page!

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I don’t exactly use it but it’s fun to play with, and it’s open source :)

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@NoCatharsis I must admit Lifehacker is a pretty big one for me as well, it’s what got me started on here, as some of you may know/guessed.

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Google Voice is awesome. Its invite only right now but it is great and its “under the radar”
No more texting plan for me :)

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Doink is fantabulous. :D

I love my favorite penpal site:

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