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Ryobi Battery upgrade or new tools?

Asked by rhodes54 (415points) July 29th, 2009

I’ve got THREE of the older Ryobi 18v 1+ batteries and none of them holds a charge worth a damn. Do I get the new Lithium Ion Battery and Charger or just abandon this whole cordless world and replace my tools with corded ones? Skil saw, drill/driver, grinder, Recip. saw, sander. I’m not a pro, just a weekender.

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Since you’re not a pro, and you say those are old batteries, I’d reccomend just upgrading to a new battery because as batteries age, especially if you’re in a warm environment, they tend to lose both their charge, and their ability to hold a charge well. One way to slow down this chemical breakdown is to store your batteries in the freezer, if at all possible. Although, I’m not sure if that would work on rechargable batteries as well as it does on regular , nonrechargable ones…I hope this helps. By the way, welcome to Fluther!

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I would contact the manufacturer of the cordless equipment (contact info on the box) and explain the issue and ask what they recommend.

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