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How much do YOU jellies mix things up in your daily lives?

Asked by barumonkey (1074points) July 30th, 2009

Jellyfish Stir Up Oceans, May Influence Climate (

What do you do, regularly or spontaneously, to shake up the status quo?

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Oh – this Jelly mixes things up with her husband on a daily basis!

(Other than that, I’m a pretty innocuous Jelly.)

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I often mix up my daily routine. Usually I fluther, then check my email, then have breakfast before I begin another fluthering session. Sometimes, though, I check my email and then fluther before breakfast and sometimes I fluther while I’m having breakfast. One time I fluthered and ate breakfast simultaneously before fluthering again, then checked my email. Then there are those times I’m in a hurry and skip the whole breakfast/email thing and just go right to fluthering.
So you see, I can really mix it up.

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I speak to truck drivers and implement dealers on the phone during my work shift. I make their call as pleasant as possible, and many of them look forward to enjoying my quirky sense of humor and light hearted quips to put a positive spin on an otherwise tiring day. Making people happy and having fun with them is part of my daily routine.

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@AstroChuck that explains why my mail doesn’t get here until 4 pm. The mail carriers are wasting time instead of working.

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I don’t have a set sleep schedule. ‘nuff said.
that’s why I rarely know what date or day of the week we’re on, ha ha

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I’m not usually so brave but at the moment I’m trying to do things that scare me a little bit…

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The first thing my eyes see when I wake up is my Fluthering device. I check Fluther, answer a few alerts, then go to sleep again. Wake up about 1–2 hours later and do it again. I don’t eat breakfast till about 11am or like yesterday 1pm. Yes I blame Fluther for my perks.
But thats all gonna change when I go back to school I won’t be in Fluther 24/7 anymore :/

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I do several different tasks during the day, so I guess you might call that mixing, but I don’t change my routine very much.

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I frequently and spontaneously change my identity. That seems to keep people guessing. As far as changing my gender, I stopped doing that because it was too much work.

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Randomly calling up friends to hang out, just total spur of the moment.

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i mix it up. sometimes i don’t even go near the champagne room. other times, sure. why not?

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sometimes i sleep. sometimes i don’t. sometimes i am all serious-and-long-answers on fluther, and other times i am more ‘witty’ and hit and run questions with silliness.

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ask someone out on a date..some random guy (or girl) that mixes things up!

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