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Titan T-1060 Manual Search and Vibration problem...

Asked by bsjpark (3points) July 30th, 2009

I have purchased and have this product installed about 6 month ago:

The problem is, all of a sudden, the bottom mount lock got released from a use. So, I thought nothing of it and re-mount the lock and tightened it in. The problem is, for some reason it is lot louder and now it vibrates a LOT. There seems to be two of magnetic half-circular arch thingy which was on the bottom of the sink. I have no idea where it is supposed to go…

I am hoping to find a manual of which I wasn’t able to… So, I was wondering if anyone of you might know where I might be able to find one. My google search fail for me.. sadly.

If any of you even have a suggestion, that would be welcome also.

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Here is the link to the instruction manual. Waste Maid is made by Joneco Corporation. I would check to make sure that all the mounting system parts are installed correctly. There seems to by several parts that are for noise and vibration control. I don’t see anything about magnetic parts.

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The half-circle magnet pieces are the “silver guard disposer protector” that is supposed to keep your silverware from falling all the way into the disposal. The directions are as follows: “After the disposer is fully mounted to the sink, place the two halves of the magnetic Silver Guard around the unthreaded black area of the sink flange. Care should be taken when placing the powerful magnetic ends to each other so as not to pinch your fingers. If the disposer needs to be removed for any reason, simply pull the Silver Guard magnets apart before removal.”

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