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What makes some sneakers squeak?

Asked by janbb (57138points) August 6th, 2016

New pair of sneakers on; the left one is squeaking and the right one is quiet. Usually it varies from pair to pair; some do, son’t don’t. What makes sneakers squeak?

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I believe it’s the softness of the rubber or vinyl that comprises the sole.
The softer the rubber, the better the contact with the floor.
I will admit to taking a child’s joy in squeaky sneakers when it rains. I don’t squeak them obsessively or obnoxiously, but I love the little yips and yelps I get when changing direction.

If I had new shoes that squeaked, and it annoyed me, I would take a walk in the dust, then wipe my feet on a dry carpet.
I can see how one squeaky sneaker could be annoying.

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Usually the slippage of the rubber soles on the ground surface.

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@kritper Yeah but some do and others don’t – so why?

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I’ve also noticed that they can squeak from the inside. It’s happened to me before and I can’t stand it. If my heels slip at all in new shoes, the squeaks happen because of the slippage between my heel and the shoe. From the outside, I assume it has something to do with weight distribution.

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Only one of your new sneakers squeak, @janbb?
As in the sneaker squeaks, internally?

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I always called them “squeakers”!

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According to Charles Shultz, creator of the “Peanuts” comic strip, the squeak from shoes occurs when the bill of sale for said shoes isn’t completely paid off.

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