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Fiber tablets: Good and cheap?

Asked by erniefernandez (556points) July 30th, 2009

I need to buy fiber tablets for an older relative. What brand is effective and economical? A normal, nasty-tasting swallow-whole fiber tablet. Nothing chewable or anything like that.

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I guess Metamucil, but their stuff to me is not natural and I dislike taking it. I prefer more natural fiber.
Is there any reason your relative has to take a pill? Can she/he drink something, or eat something?
Here’s a drink:,2942.html Best brand ever.

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I’ve found that the cheap generic brands are exactly the same. And also, the powder that you can mix into any drink/liquid works quite nicely too.

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They just eat a low-fiber diet and have a hard time working it in. Moreover, a lot of fiber is never a bad thing! Thanks for the advice. I figured the cheap generic stuff is the same.

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