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What is a clever idea to do for my Van Gogh presentation?

Asked by Finley (833points) April 27th, 2010

I have a presentation to do tomorrow. I’ve done the slide show already, but everyone has done a little something extra. Someone made a sculpture of rodin, made a homemade book of Jazz. What should I do that would be clever and home made for Van Gogh? My teacher is an old lady who loves everything and everybody so it doesn’t have to be elaborate… just cute and clever.

P.S. I am NOT artistic.

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Cut off your ear? Maybe too much?

Or you can do something with the font Dear Theo (Van Goghs handwriting turned into a font). Maybe too difficult to read for slides and such but a part of the presentations maybe. Maybe an endorsement from the man himself in this font? Or a “note to the teacher”.

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I’d walk in with a bandage on your head covering your ear, and turn the other ear in when someone asks a question. You could also fashion a straight jacket out of an old sheet to represent the time spent in a psych ward.

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Might be too obvious, but how about taking with you and put on your desk a nice vase of sunflowers?

Edit: You could add to your tags; Netherlands since he was born there. Just saying.

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As everyone enters to room. Have them put on a name tag shaped like an ear.

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Shoot yourself in a wheatfield?
Nah. That would be over the top.

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Bring a package of Red Vines (candy) with a ‘sold’ sticker on it. with a pricetag of 400 francs… Van Gogh only sold one painting while he was alive. It was Red Vineyard, for 400 Francs. It’s cute/silly, teacher may get a kick out of it.

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Just play it by ear! :-/

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You could title it the lost Auricle! :-/

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Maybe you can bring in a bunch of sun flowers and decorate the class room with it. :-)

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It’s speculated that Van Gogh had a preference for yellow because of either the influence of overmedication with digitalis or overconsumption of absinthe.

In the absence of absinthe, perhaps you can dress all in yellow, and hand out yellow glasses. Get some of the 3D cyan-red type and replace the colors with yellow gel, available from any art supply store.

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Bring sunflowers…..

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Sunflower cookies or cupcakes for the class.

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Have five people dress up in old clothes, and walk in and sit at a table under a single light bulb. Pull out an empty bowl. One person takes forever opening a tied-up gunny sack while the other four are silent, rivited; hungry and intent on the action. Finally the sack is opened, and a single potato, raw, unpeeled is revealed in the light, then placed reverently in the bowl. All 5 stare, glumly. Finally someone else reaches under the table, and pulls out a big bag of potato chips, dumps them into the bowl atop the spud. Everyone is animated and digs in with glee! The Potato Chip Eaters!

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The sunflower ideas are great

Another suggestion: Ear shaped cookies. :) You can say it is not inspired from Mike Tyson but Van Gogh.

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wear a painters beret…....I love the sunflowers idea.

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Its got to be ear related…... do you know anyone who could make you a batch of sugar ears….. kinda like sugar mice but ear shaped….. everyone enjoys a snack!

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