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When do you start showing?

Asked by colog (73points) January 10th, 2008

When to pregnant women start showing? I’ve heard everything from a few weeks to six months. How long did it take for you to start looking pregnant?

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Every woman is different; every pregnancy is different. Depends on body-type. I started by having to go up one bra size and unbutton skirts at about 8 weeks. By three months w. baby #1, I could no longer even try to “suck it in.” W. baby # 2, I showed earlier.

But way back then there was a dramatic difference between regular clothes and maternity clothes. Today the line blurs; plus our goal was to hide the bump; today women love to flaunt it. And you often start by not looking pregnant exactly – just a little more robust.

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my wife 4 months

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In most cases, the uterus is large enough by six weeks to make the otherwise soft belly feel firm and slightly rounded. Women usually find their jeans won’t button by this point and begin looking for new clothes in the PG and Women sized racks. Petite and lean women may show earlier, because they have less fat in the stomach area. Obese women may never show, they just look fatter. (<-obese)

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My ex-wife got knocked up five months ago (vengeful chuckle) and her belly is just starting to show over the last three or four weeks (so approximately four months). However, I noticed her looking like she was gaining weight at around two months.

Of course, it’s one thing when your ex is just getting fat. But to find out the real reason she suddenly got married—well, that’s just the best birthday present a guy could ask for.

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My favorite answer to this came up on Family Fued. The lady said “October”.

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I started showing in the second trimester, that’s me though. Medium build and average weight.

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